Let's face it; we are church that loves to sing aren't we? 


On this page I want to feature songs that are really speaking to you right now. Send us a link and a short paragraph as to what it is that fires you up about this song. I already have lots of people wanting to contribute. This should be fun. 

Song 16

A song from Charlene

 Elvis Presley  - One Pair of Hands

Click Here:  To look and Listen

Song 15

Our next song on offer has been suggested by Marion Drake. She tells me that it is a beaut song that is quite timely for Mothers Day. 

It's called "Dream Small" by a singer called Josh Wilson

Click Here for a look and a listen

Song 13 & 14

We haven't had any Shane & Shane for a while. What a treat Bernie & I have found them to be.. 

2 Songs on offer today; 


Song 1 is called "I will wait for you". We have done this a few times at RVC

Click here to have a look & listen

Song 2 is called "Turn your eyes upon Jesus" (yes, the old hymn)

Click here to look and listen

Song 12 from Mick

I was joining in the live stream from Discovery last Sunday morning and they did this song as part of their worship set. It's a beautiful hymn like piece that I hope will bless ya!

Listen or sing along. It's called "Living Hope" written by Brian Johnson from Bethel music

Click here to have a listen via YouTube

A worship set for today from Mick

Leading worship is such a privilege. I often wonder about the dynamic process of worship; that incredible transaction that takes place, "every, single, time" that we open our hearts and worship the creator. In giving our worship, we are given something more powerful in return. It fills our hearts and takes us to heavenly places where we embrace the heart of our creator God in inexplicable ways. It's nearly midnight and I can't quite bring myself to head to bed yet. There's a stirring restlessness in my spirit about where we are as His people right now. Normally I would begin to take this on board as preparation to lead our church in worship, something that I haven't done for quite a few weeks now. So, if I was preparing a worship set of songs right now, my heart & mind would be drawn towards any song that pointed us in the direction of hope. This is what I believe God wants us to know right now; that we worship a God for whom Hope is the light he wants to light in us, so that we in turn can light it and place it on the lamp stands of our souls for all to see. Imagine that? How amazing if that in the midst of such dark times, we literally live that scripture


16 “No one lights a lamp and then covers it with a bowl or hides it under a bed. A lamp is placed on a stand, where its light can be seen by all who enter the house.17 For all that is secret will eventually be brought into the open, and everything that is concealed will be brought to light and made known to all.

Luke 8: 16 - 17

So, if I was picking a worship set right now, this is where I would be leaning.. (apologies for the ads at the start of the youTube clips

In Christ Alone by Shane & Shane. Click here to listen

Who you say I am; click here to have a listen

Reckless Love: click here to listen

Our Hope (One of mine); 


Song 11 from Jenny

This is a song Jenny keeps on repeat:

Seasons Change

Click here to have a listen

Song 10 from Mick

This is more like an event than a song. This is a beautiful set of worship recorded about 24 hours ago. No pretence, no showy lights and cameras; just some friends honouring God. Do your soul a favour and spend some time feeding it with the amazing worship that these skilled worship leaders lead us through

Click here to have a listen.

Song 9 from Shirley

Click Here to have a listen to "I Am Covered Over"

Song 5, 6, 7 & 8 from Mick & Bernie

If you are like Bernie & I then you will be missing being able to worship with your church clan. Here are 4 songs that you turn on, turn up and turn your household into a cathedral of praise.

  • Song 5: A beautiful version of an old Hymn; "When I Survey". Click here to have a listen

  • Song 6: Just the perfect song for this season: "Sing to Jesus" by Fernando Ortega. to listen just "Click Here" 

  • Song 7: Just a breathtaking moment of worship. "What a beautiful name". Click here to have a listen

  • Song 8:The last song featured in our Holy Week devotions; A mighty and powerful moment from Shane & Shane called "Is He Worthy". Click Here to have  listen

Blessings one & all: have a great time of worship

Song 4 from Denise

We quite often hear people say “Be Still” but do we know how to be still.

Jesus often withdrew to a quiet place to replenish his mind and spirit. He knew his limitations, do we?

If Jesus needed to sit and be still to gather his thoughts, listen to God and replenish His body, just think how much we need in this present time to do the same.

Life gets busy and we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and don’t even think about sitting down and Being Still even for one minute let alone sitting quietly to listen to Jesus’s voice. If Jesus needed time out to refresh His spirit, then how much do we need to Be Still, pause, breath, sit quietly, and let Jesus whisper in your ear. Let Him fill you with His love relieving you of everyday stress. It is important to “Be Still” your body needs its rest.

Even the apostles rested, Jesus took them to a quiet place so that they could rest.

Be Still and lean into Jesus where you will find peace and comfort.

Click Here to listen to Be Still

Song 3 is from River Valley stalwart "Charley" 

This is what Charley had to say about this song: 

"This has been a favourite song for the last 7 years. The lyrics span Jesus' life in simple words with implicate direction to the Cross where He gave His life so we can all have Salvation".

Thanks Charley

Click Here to have a listen

Song 2 is from the fair Bernie

If you can get past the bigger production, this song speaks so well into our current circumstances. I first experienced this live with Brooke singing it at a colour conference. It lifted up a very dry spirit and gave me a new strength and encouragement to trust in Gods love and ongoing protection.  I especially love the words: "All of my life in every season, you are still God, I have a reason to sing, I have a reason to worship". There is no 'weapon'  that can be formed against us if we continue to trust and not lean on our own understanding, but acknowledge God in everything we do. (It's and oldy, but a goody). Bernie

Click here to have a listen to Desert Song

Song 1 from Denise:

Why this song, answer l just love it, good song to worship too.

Click Here to have a listen to "I Surrender"

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