What's Happening at Millwarra Primary School

Welcome to the first of a few new pages. This one features an exciting new way that we at RVC can stay in touch with/and support our Millwarra side of the family...

Update 4th August 2020

From River Valley Church to Millwarra Primary School! 


Another 80 snack packs ready to go to both campuses !


The children love them and it is such a wonderful way to bless the children esp atm!


Thank you everyone at RVC.


If you would like to contribute , please either make a donation ( through normal channels and mark 'school snacks' ) or buy some healthy small snacks and pop in to Jenny's letterbox ( if you live within 5kms of course).

Update 22nd July 2020

Remote learning has returned for term 3. What a challenge this is for some parents and for the teaching staff.
It takes approximately 4 hours to put up one lesson on the school page for students to watch and interact with. Then of course there is the challenge faced by many in our community of not having proper access to computers or secure internet connection.

Millwarra provides home packs- all tailored to the child's needs that can be completed at home and returned to the school each Friday.
Some students are physically attending on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

This means that that they can be assisted in their remote learning within the classroom.
We, at River Valley, will again provide and bless the children (through your generous giving), 'snack packs' that the children can pick up, when they drop their school work in on a Friday.
The snack packs include a snack for each day of the week, (possibly they will be eaten all in

one day- but the idea is that each day, once their school work has been completed, they can be given a 'treat').

Thank you to everyone, that has assisted by dropping off individual items to be included into the snack packs, or donated a little money towards this great outreach opportunity. The school really appreciates it.
Contact Jenny if you are able to help out in any way.







P. 0487 381 378

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