What's Happening at Millwarra Primary School
Welcome to the first of a few new pages. This one features an exciting new way that we at RVC can stay in touch with/and support our Millwarra side of the family...

Monday 7th September

Thanks to everyone who has shown support for the families and students

at Millwarra through donations towards the weekly snack packs. 

They have been very popular and have helped keep students motivated

RVC have purchased these little packs from the Candy Emporium

for all the grade 6 and year 12 students at Millwarra and

Upper Yarra Secondary College.

Thank you to Daniel and Sarah they have been very generous donating

their time and bags.

(We have included a little note on every bag:

We recognise that this year has not necessarily gone the way you

may have imagined. No matter what happens this year, be proud

of yourself, your resilience and your ability to adapt to extreme circumstances.

We are thinking of you,

From everyone at River Valley Church and Chaplaincy)

Please keep praying for the staff, families and students

These legends will now deliver your Work Packs and Art

resources to you on Friday.

Ms Moss will deliver to her class'Andy Jenny & Mr Barnard in

the Barny bus & Andy's van (working title naming) will drop off,  

& collect work after 12 pm, to help families 'stay at home'

& reduce number of people out & in schools in stage 4.

Please have the week's work finished & in the pocket ready

to swap over with them.

Thank you to them who always go above & beyond for our

school community 






P. 0487 381 378

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