What's Happening at Millwarra Primary School

Welcome to the first of a few new pages. This one features an exciting new way that we at RVC can stay in touch with/and support our Millwarra side of the family...

Update 21st May, 2020


Next Monday (25th May), teachers resume work at the school. This will be a curriculum planning day. Grades Prep through to grade 2 children will then return to school for face-to-face teaching on Tuesday (26th May). The remainder of the school will return on the 9th of June. 

Please continue to pray for the staff as they now turn from preparing and implementing on line teaching to having the students back in the classroom. Pray also for the families and for the children as they adjust back to some resemblance of normality in relation to their education.

The school has been very grateful for our support in making up the snack packs for children to pick up weekly during this period.

As you may imagine, some families have coped well with the changes and challenges faced , as parents home school, work and look after younger and older siblings. Not to mention little or no internet frustrations.

Millwarra staff are to be highly commended for the way they have connected with families and students and supported those families who have had the extra challenge of perhaps loosing their jobs; struggling financially with rental and food needs and coped, in some cases with children with specific needs. 

If you see a teacher from the school ….ask them about the last 2 months. You can be assured of a good conversation. 

How can we support the school at this time? 


OFFER some gardening help

Help with the breakfast program.

Become a pen pal to a grade ….

Bring in a cake for staff morning tea once in a while!


Update 29th April, 2020

The well being team met on Wednesday and discussed ways in which the school could support families and children during this period of school-at-home.

The principal would love RVC to continue praying for the staff, children and families. He also asked if it might be possible for RVC to provide some more 'lunch snack-packs'. The children loved the last ones we put together for them !

Every Wednesday the children submit the weeks work by dropping it off at the school office. They are then able to take one snack pack home (we had put 5-6 healthy snacks in each pack), enough for l per day of school. This is a great practical way RVC to show we are thinking of them.

If you would like to contribute items for the snack packs, please ring Jenny/Carol for drop off or pick up times.

Pre-packaged items such as small boxes of sultanas, museli bars, small packets of chips, tiny teddies etc.... are best.

Thank you in advance.

Jenny Syme

Update for 16th April, 2020.

The school term began this week and school looks very different at Millwarra primary schools two campuses- Millgrove and Warburton East.

There are no students attending school. All students have received a learning pack and they will be encouraged to complete the work in these packs during school hours, in their homes. Parents and students can log into the

'you educate us' website, where they can receive instructions, track their progress through different subjects

and speak online to their teacher.

Many of the families however, attending do not have reliable computers and internet access, so completing tasks

and staying connected will be a little bit more challenging for them. The school staff are working very hard to set all of this up and working on best ways to communicate with everyone. The well being team - Andy,Rod,Jenny - will help support families. Judy and Grant will also be on board where needed.


How to stay in touch

We have a wonderful opportunity to strengthen the relationship we have with the

Millwarra School Community at this time and to show the love of God to the staff and families through our words of support and encouragement and through our actions.

  1. Please pray for the staff and families at their time especially. Pray for harmony in homes, for children and their families to find meaningful way to stay connected with their education and friends.

  2. Do you want to send school teachers / families some encouraging messages? Email them to: kjsyme@yahoo.co.uk

  3. Do you have an hour to spare ( a once off or a regular basis)? To contribute to helping maintain parts of the school grounds at Millgrove? this could be an hour at any time that suits you. Most gardening equipment is all at the school. Jobs that would be a blessing to the school, include: weeding, pruning, raking of leaves, mulching, building up and maintaining the veggie patch?

  4. School lunch packs - could you purchase some items that parents could 'pack' in to school lunches for the children - the thought of a special lunch, may be an encouragement for children to finish their school work!


Please speak to Jenny if you are able to assist in any of the above.


P. 0487 381 378

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