The Lamb.

Luke 10: 3 “Go! I am sending you out like lambs among wolves.”


This verse is from the passage where Jesus is sending out the seventy disciples to the local towns. He is giving guidance on who to seek out, what to do. What not to do. But in particular, lets look at verse three. 

Jesus uses an image that illustrates a danger so obvious. Lambs and wolves.  The helpless, defenceless little lamb. Compared to a pack of well organised, savvy hunters, the wolves.


In our previous home, Murray and I had a small flock of sheep. We bottle feed the orphaned. We hand feed the flock and moved them to fresh pasture as needed. Despite our care and electric fences, several of our sheep were taken down by wild dogs. It’s devastating to see the loss in the morning. Its that image we saw in the morning that comes to mind for me, when I read this verse. There’s just no competition, wolves win every time.


That’s not the picture Jesus uses here. He says, “GO! I am sending you out like lambs among wolves.”

I AM is sending, the Protector of our Faith. Our Good Shepherd. The Lover of our Souls. 

He who is in us, with us each and every day. We are not alone. He is our shield and our rampart. 


We are to truly rest in God’s peace. Not concern ourselves with what’s happening around us. No matter how dire the threat to life, or the company around us.

If we are resting, abiding in Christ, no harm can take our peace. 

I am a lamb belonging to the True Shepherd. He is greater than any thing in this world. He has conquered evil and death. I am safe from the fowler’s snare. Though evil shall follow me all the days of my life, His staff will comfort me.

I am protected by my Saviour, who is able to keep me safe.


We may walk as a lamb, but the Lion walks with us.

Rest in His peace today.


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