Reflection from Clive:

My good mate Clive shared this with me. He was telling that it had a deep impact on him. It's from a sermon by a woman named Anne Robertson, based on the scripture from John 20: 1 - 18. 

I agree Clive. Very good and definitely worth sharing. We pick it up about half way through.... 

What’s interesting to me is that not one of the Gospels tells us of the actual resurrection. Nobody records blinding flashes of light, earthquakes, visions, glowing rocks…nothing. What they report is the discovery of an empty tomb…nobody tells about the event itself. Here is this huge, central event and nobody but nobody sees it. Even though Jesus’ birth was ignored by the masses, there were still angels singing to shepherds, signs in the night sky that foreign astrologers could read, and a king mad enough about a possible usurper to the throne that he orders a massacre of children. But nobody at all gets tipped off about the resurrection in any of the stories. It happened sometime in the night…while it was still dark…and nobody knew until Mary went and looked

Spiritually, this is our hope. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had some very dark times in my life. And when it’s dark and you can’t see what’s going on around you because there’s too much grief and pain and doubt, that’s the time we’re tempted to ditch God and maybe even our own God-given lives…believing that God’s not ever going to do anything or help us, believing that God doesn’t give a flip about what happens to us. It’s easy to just pull the covers over our heads and give up.

But Mary has something to teach us in those times. She went to the tomb while it was still dark. Despite her terrible grief and probable fear, Mary got up and did something. She went to the last place she knew Jesus was. Even though it was his tomb and she knew darn well he was dead…she had watched it…she went. As useless as it was, she needed to be where Jesus was to give her comfort in the dark.

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