Hello Again Everyone,


I hope all of the Mothers at RVC had a beautiful day yesterday as I did?  Our day was enriched by a very special surprise from Irene, Aruna and Hendrix who battled an electric gate, long driveway and two very naughty (large) puppies in order to bless us with the lovely flower arrangements.  This was such a reflection of the kind of “random acts of kindness” we have both experienced from our new Church Family.  I look forward to the days we can get to know you all even more.

By this loving and thoughtful blessing, I was reminded of what the Holy Spirit showed me in the last couple of weeks.  

I have been walking most days since we have been in isolation.  I love the park areas which are just over the road from us.  I spend this time in reflection as I trek around the footy fields and enjoy the picture of the Lord’s creation.  God will often speak to me at these times which enriches the experience of the time we have already spent together when I first wake with worship and prayer.

A couple of weeks ago I was looking at the horizon as I was walking around, and I saw these rays of light coming down through the clouds and down to the valleys between the mountains.  It was exquisite and I told the Lord how much I loved it and thanked Him for such a gift.  He immediately said to me, “Jacobs Ladder”.  


These words took me back to my very early years, as He obviously knew it would, to a very old song called, “We are climbing Jacobs ladder” with the last few words, “Soldiers of the Cross”.  I was thrilled by this but returned home and continued my day.  Several days later I experienced the very same scenario and knew that the Lord was speaking.  On returning home I then looked this up in Genesis where Jacob had a dream of a stairway stretched between heaven and earth where heavenly messengers were ascending and descending.  The notes also explain that these messengers could either be divine or human (e.g. intercessors or promise makers).  The notes also explained the fact that it says ascending before descending indicating that some could have begun from earth to heaven.  If you read the notes there is reference to angels being people or divine beings.  


A few examples of this is Galatians 4:14, where Paul was received with open arms as if he was an angel by the Galatians even though he was very sick at the time.  Revelations 2 and 3 speak of John writing to the seven churches and the “angelos”, by referring to these angels as human overseers of the Churches.   When you read Ephesians 2:6 (TPT) it says that through our salvation that we are like angelic ambassadors who ascend and descend on Jesus-stairway.  This says, “He raised us up with Christ the exalted One, and we ascended with Him into the glorious perfection and authority of the heavenly realm, for we are now co-seated as one with Christ.”  It also explains in the notes that each step exposes us to a higher level of revelation as we enter the Spirit Realm, and Jesus is the only valid entry into this realm. There is so much to read in the Passion Translation regarding this passage, but I have kept it short.


After reading this I asked the Lord what was on His mind.  He explained to me that He wanted me to inform all the saints of River Valley Church that every prayer we pray is heard and He is and has been, sending His answers through His Holy Spirit.  That He is releasing angelic activity as our prayers ascend, releasing this activity to descend as we intercede for this Valley. He wants us to step up to greater heights upon this stairway so we will experience the radiance that will influence the people of the Valley in order for them to be set free from the bondages that have kept them captive for so long.  This radiance or shining light won’t be because of anything we do apart from our deepening relationship with our Lord and Saviour.  The Lord wants us to know that He sees our hearts that are open to Him which will draw a higher revelation again with each step we make toward Him. 


I believe that the Lord is saying to us all, “Well done, good and faithful servants and that He is proud of us.”


From me I would like to say that River Valley Church has been like a balm to my soul.  I entered the Church knowing that the Lord had been calling us there for over a year and the minute we stepped into River Valley, Gem, Brody and I experienced a sense of coming home. 


God Bless you all,

Love Coral

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