Reflection from Coral:


Good Afternoon everyone.  

At the Lords leading I have been reading Isaiah since the beginning of Covid-19.  I have already shared part of the Lord’s communications to me since this happened, but He has been enlarging a little more.  I have seen that the Lord has been sharing with so many of us and it is lovely to work in unity as a Family of God even when we can’t meet physically.

I came across Isaiah Chapter 2:2 (TPT) which says, “In the last days, the mountain of Yahweh’s temple will be raised up as head of the mountains, towering over all the hills.  A sparkling stream of every nation will flow into it.”.  There are a lot of notes for this one verse and part of only one of these say: “Kingdoms and governments are often metaphorically referred to as mountains and hills on the landscape of history.  But one day the kingdoms of the earth will be levelled, and the King’s mountain will be high and exulted.  With no rival, Jesus will sit enthroned.  This prophetic outlook is the backdrop for all that Isaiah preaches”.  I find that this has been somewhat proven with this latest pandemic.  Please recognise that I am not predicting anything here but pray the words I am writing are the Lords alone.

I don’t know about you, but I have been observing just how fragile the world systems are whilst observing our current situation and reading Isaiah at this time in history.  One of the scriptures referred to in Isaiah 27’s notes is 1 Cor:1 21-35 which I will leave you to look up in your own time.  I am certainly not an authority on these things and would never claim to be so, but it is interesting to see the correlation between God’s Word and what is happening at present.  In saying this I am not criticizing our Government’s decisions because they have an enormous undertaking to have sound judgement while navigating this time in order to resolve each issue from every perspective.  

What I do remember clearly was a time many years ago when the Lord was taking me through a process of supernatural healing.  I recognized that the things that were most important within our lives were all things eternal.  As I looked at every eternal aspect of our lives, I concluded that they couldn’t be taken away because once we accepted Jesus as our Saviour and chose to follow Him, we are then immune to losing anything that is eternal because Jesus defeated death on the cross.  In that time, I explored many aspects of my theory and couldn’t fault it at the time.

I concluded that my focus should always be to saturate myself with relationship with the Godhead and the Word of God enabling me to concentrate on the eternal.  An example is the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22-23.  There is nothing fragile about God, who gives us His promises to live by and trust Him even in the times like we are living in now, because He is faithful and trustworthy.

Now I have established the comparison to worldly power as opposed God’s power (Omnipotence), I want to talk a little about the Holy Spirit and the Spirit Realm.  You will notice the last sentence in Isaiah 2:2 says, “A sparkling stream of every nation will flow into it.”  The notes speak of the uphill flow of the river of God—a supernatural magnetism bringing the nations into the Kingdom of Christ.  Also verse 3’s notes explain, “Zion is more than a location; it is a realm where God is enthroned.  Zion is a synonym for the people of God, the dwelling place of His Spirit.  The perfection of beauty is in Mount Zion, where the light of God shines.  Perfected praise rises to the Lord in this place of perfect rest.  The Mountain of Zion is where the Lord is known in His greatness.  It is the hope of all the afflicted.”

From my way of thinking as I have communed with the Lord, I believe that there will be a lot of fallout as our leaders lift the restrictions and begin the rebuilding process on the effects of Covid-19.  I believe the Lord wants us ready to help people to understand that Jesus is the hope of the afflicted as we have done in the past.  It is common knowledge that people who hit rock bottom often become open-hearted to this hope and anyone who reads my book, will see one of the many testimonies of this.

What does this look like as we navigate this with the Lord?  I do believe from my reading that there are Kingdom mysteries that God will reveal even more of in the future.  I want to finish this with some very relevant verses and hope it will be as thought provoking to you as it has been for me?

Have you noticed the radiance in the Word of God with Stephen?


Acts 7:54-60

What about Peter as his presence overshadowed people as he walked past them?


Acts 5:15

Paul with his handkerchief or apron.


Acts 19:12

A miracle can’t be learned so what does it take for us to mirror His radiance?

John 14:12-14, Psalm 110:3, Romans 8:18-19 and then John 17:22-23.

God Bless you all and have a week filled with God’s favour. 

Love Coral xx

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