Prayer, in all of its forms.


Here at River Valley, we believe that a healthy prayer life is central to help grow the relationship of every Christian with God. 

On This page you will find 3 main topics to you help stimulate your daily prayer walk.

1- the call to prayer.

This is an invitation to be part of a dynamic group of RVC church people, who are ready willing and able to unite in prayer once a day. Click here to find out more

2- Some responses from RVC people. 

As you pray, sometimes God gives you things (wisdom, insights and so on). WE encourage all of our people to write such thoughts down and send them to us

Click here to have a look at some that have come through already

3- Finally, we are aware that sometimes we need to ask for the prayers of our church clan. On this page you will find various prayer requests that have come through. Click here to find out more

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