Open Doors

RVC partners with Open Door's ,
helping them to send support where is is most needed

Children's Centre Running In Columbia

A children's centre in Colombia is providing education, shelter and food to children of
families affected by gang violence. So far over 400 students have graduated.
Pray for emotional healing over children impacted by violence, and for those who have lost
a parent.
Praise God for the passion of the centre's teachers. Pray they will continue to teach with wisdom
Colombia is #30 on the World Watch list

Indonesion Believers say Thank You for the Emergency Relief

Your support has helped local Indonesian partners deliver emergency relief like food and medicine to hundreds of families struggling to support themselves through COVID-19.
This is what some of them said:
"This is a great help to us in this difficult time. We can't repay your kindness" - Warto
"I don't know if l can survive without this help. I feel very blessed" - Yah
"This is really a blessing to me and a great help to my family. May God always bless you
to help people like me" -Tumiyem
Praise God that He is providing for His church in Indonesia.
Pray that more Indonesian Christians may receive the practical, emotional, and spiritual support they need.
Pray for the safety and protection of local partners who risk their lives to provide
emergency relief.
Indonesia is #46 on the World Watch List 2021

Trauma Training Held in Iraq

Local partners in Baghdad are running trauma training for young people affected by war
and conflict.
Pray that those who attend will receive comfort and peace.
Pray that this training will strengthen the next generation of the Iraqi church to face the
future with faith and courage.
Pray for wisdom over local partners to deliver the training with sensitivity and impact.
Iraq is #11 on the world Watch List 2021

Persecuted Families Receive Emergency Relief in Bangladesh

Thanks to your support, local partners in Bangladesh have provided emergency relief to struggling families.
This includes packages of rice, oil, salt, potatoes, dry food and soap, as well as goats to support families long-term.
Father of three, Kasem, said "This support helped us to survive. It brought peace to my
family. It was a miracle.
"I am very happy. Praise the Lord! Thank you very much for your generosity towards us.
Praise God for His provision over families like Kasem's.
Pray that even more Bangladesh families may receive the relief they need to survive and continue following Jesus.
Pray that God will use believers in Bangladesh to share His gospel and strengthen His church.
Bangladesh is #31 on the World Watch List 2021