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Sunday Service Time 10am

31st January

The Priesthood of all Believers

Be a true follower of Christ. 
As I speak to Christians from many different church families, I have been made aware of ‘repentance’ being a common topic amongst many congregations at the moment. I wonder if we as a Church are entering into an era of repentance

and seeking Gods forgiveness? We will have to stay connected to The Holy Spirit and ask for His revelation on this,

but well-done Judy for having your finger on the pulse of what God is saying to his Church.

Up and Coming at RVC
Please join us over the next 5 weeks as we enter into a season of understanding the up-and-coming house church/corporate gathering model.

•    7/02/2021: Intimacy with God and one another
•    14/02/2021: The ingredients – Holy Spirit, Gods’ Word, love, Commitment, food, prayer, Up>In>Out, multiplication

      and replication.
•    21/02/2021: The vine and the branches – why we still need RVC and the corporate gatherings.
•    28/02/2021: Celebration service followed by a meal.
•    7/03/2021: House church model begins











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