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Church Sunday  22nd May

Sunday Service Time 10am

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22/05/2022 – Adam Preaching
   29/05/2022 – Adam Preaching
    5/06/2022 – Colin’s Mission Testimony and

whole Church Lunch
   12/06/2022 – Adam Preaching

19/6/22 Jenny Syme Preaching



Matthew 3:8
Prove by the way you live that you have repented of your sins and turned to God.
As Christians we often get confused about repentance. It is easy for us to fall into the trap of believing that repentance is simply saying sorry to God and hoping we don’t     do whatever that particular sin was again. However, repentance is much more than that.
Repentance is both immediate and specific. When a convicted crowd asked John the Baptist what they should do he gave them immediate actions; if you have two shirts give one to the poor and if you have food share with those who don’t. However, he also gave specific instruction to those who asked. When asked by a tax collector, John replied “collect no more tax than the government requires”. When asked by soldiers he replies, “don’t extort money or make false accusations”. 
Repentance is doing whatever it takes to bring your life back into line with the will of God. Its not a prayer shot up whenever we feel convicted of something.                                 It is a deliberate and focused decision to live as God intends us too.
RVC, let us not cheapen God’s grace by taking it for granted. Let’s strengthen one another through prayer, support and accountability and live in a way which pleases   our King.

Saved by His grace,
Adam Killeen.

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