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Church Sunday  12th December

Sunday Service Time 10am

In Community building


Last Sunday after the service we had a short family meeting where some very important announcements were made.
Firstly, an overview of the AGM was presented and questions/clarification invited.
We then presented a glimpse of what ministry at RVC in 2022 will look like. The key take-aways from these announcements include:
•    RVC will be returning to weekly Sunday services, 10am in the Millgrove Community Building. Importance will be placed in following God’s leading, the services are to please God above all others and to deliberately give God the glory.
•    RVC Home groups will remain operating in the most appropriate form for each group as decided by consultation within the group facilitated by each groups host.
•    Each RVC Home Group will be advertised in the newsletter regularly and new members encouraged to join.
•    Ministries for 2022 will include Coffee Connections, Movie Night (TBC), Emergency Relief, Budgeting Seminars, assistance with breakfast program at Millwarra Primary School and a free meal held once a term targeted at deepening relationships between RVC members and the Millwarra Primary School community.
Once finalised, details will be announced and advertised as required. Ministry programs will begin in February 2022. 
Finally, both Jenny Syme and Judy Morris announced that their terms as elders for RVC have come to a close. Both ladies will be greatly missed in eldership as they brought with them a plethora of experience, wisdom, and servanthood. In 2019 it was decided that eldership term would consist of 2-year blocks enabling the eldership to stay fresh and honouring the service of those involved. Although both Jenny and Judy are stepping down from their roles on eldership to attend to changes in family obligations, both ladies will remain deeply rooted in the RVC family and will continue to offer advice and support as required. They were joyfully released from their roles and presented with gifts of thanksgiving recognition of service.
Thank you so much Jenny and Judy, you have been amazingly faithful, dedicated, and hardworking servants! 

In His service,


 SOAP for December
The Book of Luke

With the Christmas season upon us I would like to suggest that we use the book of Luke for our study throughout December.
You will find that the book of Luke contains 24 chapters which take the reader on a journey through the origins, birth, ministry, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ. May I suggest that we commit to reading one chapter per day of this book and choose a portion of this Scripture to SOAP on which will take us right through to Christmas day. However, if reading the whole chapter each day is beyond your scope, then please just select a portion of each chapter to read and study through SOAP.
As you read the book of Luke, pay special attention to Luke’s emphasis on us all being sinners saved by the grace of God. Just imagine for a second what your life would be like without the gift we received through the birth of a little baby boy all the way over in Bethlehem.
May God bless you with special insight and divine revelation as you read these Scriptures each day.

Saved by His grace,

Saved by His grace,
Adam Killeen.










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