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Sunday Service Time 10am

In Community Building

13th April 2021

Sunday Review: 4th April
Last time we met in the building it was a time of celebration as we rejoiced for everything that Easter means for us as Christians through the risen Christ.
We worshipped, prayed, and marveled together at the love, power, and obedience of our Lord Jesus!
Daniel then blessed us with some words of wisdom from Scripture and encouraged us to stay focused on Christ as we entered into the coming week.
We then shared a meal together which incorporated The Lords Supper and even managed to have some fun together whilst cleaning up after the service.
Thank you to everyone who came along and made it such a special day. 

Scripture for Sunday the 18th of April
Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God." (Matt 19:24)

Coming up at RVC 
•    18/04/2021: Community Sunday (in the building followed by outreach)
•    22/04/2021: Coffee connections 9.15am – 11am @ the office
•    25/04/2021: ANZAC dawn service, 6am in Millgrove park. 
River Valley Church Home Groups meet.
•    30/04/2021: Movie night at Carols
•    02/05/2021: Big Family Sunday (in the building followed by a meal) Plus the praying in of our new Elders Coral Styles and Phil Ison.
•    8/05/2021: Safe Church awareness training day.
•    22-23/05/2021: Church camp @ the Syme's

ANZAC Day Service 
Once again, this year, on the 25th of April at 6am, we as a Church, community and nation will stop to pay our respects to all those who served in WW1 in the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.
As in previous years, RVC will humbly take part in this service through the laying of a wreath, the prayer of thanksgiving and by supplying tea, coffee, cutlery etc. for the breakfast that follows.
It would be great to see a strong Christian attendance at this service as it presents a rare opportunity to find our community pausing as one in a state of reflection and open to discussing the realities of life, death and what waits beyond. Please join with us there to show our respect, support the grieving, offer hope to the broken and demonstrate the love of Christ to all those who may need a touch of His presence on such a solemn occasion.

In His Service,
Pastor Adam Killeen.


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