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Update 26th June

Free Flu Injections

The next session will be held on the 22nd July between 2.30pm - 3.45pm

in the Millwarra Community Building

Please park at the rear of the building by the football ground

Updates for the 21st June:


So, there we were preparing to announce a come back date for our Sunday services and it would appear that the goal posts have shifted one more time. It is looking like we won't be able to meet for at least another 3 weeks. 

As you are no doubt well aware, this could change again.

Keep your eyes on this page for furthere updates. 

Afternoon Updates 18th June

Good news about church coming back - only a matter of weeks - all details will be emailed and texted and put up on the website. There will be some restrictions. i.e max 50 plus the organisers of the service, however, NONE of these will stop us from meeting!

The advertisement for the expression of interest for a River Valley Church Ministry Worker

is now up on the Churches of Christ website. The position offered is for 2 days a week.

Covid friendly, Youth Group is returning this Friday, please contact Julie Bell 0432105162

for further details

Bible study at Carol's will begin Thursday 2nd July - Everyone welcome

Updates: Tuesday the 16th June

Well winter is definitely upon us; I hope you are able to stay warm wherever you are.

Here are a few relevant announcements:

  • It is with great sadness that we let you know that Bill Henderson, business manager and great friend of RVC, passed away last night. Details are still coming to hand; RVC & Pallotti college, under Bills leadership (alongside his wife MaryAnne), collaborated to make a difference in the community. RVC has had many retreat days at the College, with Bill always making sure that we were welcomed and looked after. Mick Has posted a devotional today, that is in part a tribute to Bill. We will miss Bill very much. Condolences go out to MaryAnne and the whole Pallotti community.  We will post more details when they come to hand. (Click here to read the devotional from Mick)

  • Eldership is meeting again this week. Amongst the many topics for discussion we will be looking at a return date for our Sunday services. 

  • The search for our next pastor/team leader has commenced and is already attracting some interest. Please keep this at the forefront of your prayers. 



Apologies for the delay in posting this bit of news. I was waiting for a couple of the elders to get back to me.

Here is the promised announcement; the elders will be keen to hear your feedback.

For the website with you approval...

"On behalf of the RVC elders, I am pleased to let you know that the search for a new pastor/team leader is about to formally get underway. After months of discussions amongst ourselves and consulting with the Churches of Christ head office, we are about to go public with our search asking for "expressions of interest" in the role. 
Please keep the elders in your prayers at this exciting and challenging time. 
As always, if you have any input on this matter, (even suggestions as to people we might consider for this role) then please don't hesitate to contact us

Please have a read, a think & a pray about the above. I also have a couple of relevant announcements on other matters; they are....

  • M.O.S.T. Meetings. 

Their next meeting is scheduled for Thursday the 18th June at 7 pm in the church office. 

Because of the Covid19 Restrictions, you will need to register with Cathy (or Gil) Cann if you intend on coming along. Their Number is 5966 7478.

  • Consideration of having Church services again.

At our last elders meeting we had a lot of discussion about a whole range of matters relating to our Sunday services in a Post-Covid world. 

Like the rest of our Victorian/Australian brothers & sisters we are watching and waiting for the go-ahead from the relevant statutory authorities, to re-commence the sort of Sunday gathering that we may have had in the past. When we feel that the time is right, we will

  • week one: re-gather as a church clan, for a worship & prayer time, followed by a family lunch.

  • week two: tell and celebrate the Easter story that we missed out on this year. 

We may come up with a few alternatives in the interim; these will all be dependent upon perceived needs; whats possible and what are the current Government guidelines that we have to work within. 

For EG; Bernie & I are thinking of hosting an impromptu worship and prayer time in the community centre; this would be available to Strictly 20 people; (first in!!)

Finally; on the matter of Sunday services in the future, we have had on going discussions about what these might look like, i.e. what form they may take; whilst we are not jumping ahead of ourselves, we are keen to hear from people as to what we could do on a Sunday that would better serve our needs and our mission.

That will do for now I guess. As always, stay warm, be blessed & be a blessing

I'll look forward to hearing from you as we step into another phase of our life as his church

P. 0487 381 378

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