(Mission Outreach Support Team) 

Guidelines for dispersing missionary giving (ie 10% of church tithes).

The mission of MOST is : 

To support in prayer and financially, local and overseas ministries. 

To remain informed about mission outreach locally and overseas and to share information with those who attend River Valley Church(RVC). 

To support people within RVC who are involved in outreach mission work and / or who are studying towards outreach ministry. 

•MOST meet once a month.
•MOST will report to the church through the newsletter and from the front of the church on a regular basis and as soon as possible after funds have been distributed. •Funds will be distributed quarterly; i

In February, May, August, November. 
•Regular members of MOST will make decisions re distributing funds, taking in to account any comments

or requests from members of RVC members.
•Where possible, MOST will retain $500 in the MOST account ( after distributing funds). This can be used in an emergency or to enable MOST to respond to a particular need at short notice.
•70% of funds distributed will go to overseas missions( at every distribution 15% will go to the persecuted church) and 30 % to local missions (including indigenous missions giving).