Although small in number, River Valley Church has a vibrant and active role

in some overseas missions.

Our members give generously to make a difference and to demonstrate

the love of God in the lives of people that the majority of us will never meet


Cathy spoke last week at church of the MOST program and how our tithes are tithed to support local and overseas missions.

Some of those RVC have supported in the past include Autumn Rain,

Ron & Anne Matthison's school in Africa, chaplaincy, Colin Lamberts work in India, local families in many ways including funeral costs and instillation of a new bathroom.

Open Doors, Benwerrin, a woman's refuge in Uganda and Mary Chege in a displaced community two hours outside Nairobi.

On Thursday MOST meet to allocate monies which have been set aside for local and overseas missions. We had $5000 to allocate and this has gone to Benwerrin, sponsoring a child through Compassion, a family in need in the community, global mission partners (which is an outreach of Church of Christ)

Christian radio station supported by Eric & Jean Skatabo, Open Doors, Mary Chege and her small community in Africa who are building a church. Sponsorship of a family at Millwarra Primary School and Anne & Ron Matthison.
If you would like to hear more about MOST or attend any of these meetings please see Cathy Cann