Update 16th September

Millwarra PS send a big thank you to everyone at RVC
RVC has supplied all the children with a holiday 
snack pack, as a reward for finishing term 3 well
Each bag contain a note from us at RVC

Report from Millwarra Primary School- September 2021

Schools all over the state are struggling with covid restrictions. 
Millwarra Primary School have undertaken to support their families in many ways by:
creating weekly work packs,  sent to or delivered to families,
creating many on line experiences - art, music, weekly on line assemblies , sport ideas and challenges, library stories and activities , webinars, and on line lessons.
The on line assemblies are recorded by Sam Bennett and are very funny and informative - they feature Rod, Andy and the student puppet- Arnie.
Computers and technology ( ie internet access) have been provided to all families , who otherwise could not participate
A small number of students physically attend school at both campuses. 
Despite the lock downs and uncertainty the children at Millwarra all did extremely well in their naplan tests. This is a 'pat on the back' for the teachers and the  parents,  as well , of course ,the students!
Teachers , students and families need our prayers . Many families are struggling with reduced hours or total loss of jobs, with teaching their children from home, with reduced social supports, with housing insecurity ( a major problem in our area) and so on.
River Valley Church continues to provide food parcels and support through the chaplain and well being team, where necessary. We have also decided to provide a snack pack in the last week of this term for all the children. ( the school community loved these which we provided for a whole term, during the lockdown in 2020).
The snack packs will be taken to each family, along with their work packs.
Thankyou to everyone at RVC .
I know the school community , the principal- Rod, Andy , teachers and families are very grateful- it's been a long year thus far , in education!
Jenny xxx

River Valley Office
situated behind the community building
opposite the footy oval
Please feel free to drop in for a coffee or chat
office hours 10am - 2pm

Pastor Adam Killeen

Jenny Syme, Andrew Bennett

Rod Barnard