Greetings from Mary with whom we have been able to bless with
money for water tanks and money for necessities.
She loves that we are holding her and the people of her village,
known as Mwariki in Nakuru country, up in prayer.
Mary says our last donation has gone way beyond her immediate
village - she is trying to reach as many people and villages
as possible.  Honest, our God is amazing

The Video is from Mary in which she talks about the women now not​ having to carry large
amounts of water on their backs because of the tanks we helped them purchase and that now they have running water to wash their hands in time of Covid. 
Mary's Story

This is Mary - late last year RVC throughout giving and the  MOST committee

decided to help  Mary by funding the purchase of  3 tanks for her small

community about 6 hours out of Nairobi.  Mary continues to stay in contact

with me and feels very encouraged by our church .

The community she lives in has no access to fresh water other than

that collected in the tanks .


It is a community that was formed during the apartied period. Mary sent

a series of photos through that show her teaching the community how to

wash your hands thoroughly. 


I am absolutely so thankful for you guys  who through your giving support many local and overseas individuals and communities - spreading the word and love

of God 

Love Jenny 

P. 0487 381 378

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