Mary Onege is from Nakuru 200K north west of Nairobi
Latest news from Mary's Village
                                                                          Mary Onege
RVC has supported Mary and her community in many ways over the last 18 months by sending her finances that have enabled her to purchase a few water tanks, food, school fees, help with cost of a roof on their mud brick church.
Mary wishes to be remembered to all of RVC and thank us for our support.
This is tank No.3 which will be used to provide water to the church they are building .
This is their pastor praying over the tank, thanking God and RVC. We also received a short video, where their pastor looks forward to the day their church and ours could share a service. How exciting!
Photos received from Mary
Mary has been able to purchase another tank for the church they are building.
Money will also be spent on school fees for a young girl in the picture and the other photo
is the school she will be attending.
Mary will place stickers on all the tanks purchased stating,
Donated by River Valley Church Millgrove Melbourne Victoria Australia. 
What a blessing to be able to donate money where it is needed most.
River Valley Church has donated $1,000 to Mary Onege to help supply her village
and surrounding villages with clean water.
Below is a thank you we received from Mary.
"Ooh my God, this is how God works!
He uses anything when he wants to bless His people.
Be blessed in all that you do River Valley Church.
For sure l am lacking in words to say how grateful we are. I will let you know all that
is going on behalf of our community, l say many thanks from the bottom from the bottom of my heart.