Greetings from Mary with whom we have been able to bless with
money for water tanks and money for necessities.
She loves that we are holding her and the people of her village,
known as Mwariki in Nakuru country, up in prayer.
Mary says our last donation has gone way beyond her immediate
village - she is trying to reach as many people and villages
as possible.  Honest, our God is amazing

The Video is from Mary in which she talks about the women now not​ having to carry large
amounts of water on their backs because of the tanks we helped them purchase and that now they have running water to wash their hands in time of Covid. 
Friday 26th March
A Message from Mary
We have received your donation and we are humbled by your love.
The church at large send their appreciation and we are amazed that you support our mission and vision and you have never met us.
This money will help us raise a wall as our church services are in a roofed church with no walls. As you have helped us to raise walls, may the living God put wall of protection in your lives.
May the good God the God of the Bible keep you.
Our mission team is partnering once again along side Mary Chege who is working in a village in Uganda. We are enabling her to continue with the installation of rainwater tanks for the villages where she works.
These water tanks are vital for the villages survival.
If you feel lead to partner with us please talk to Gil or Cathie Cann who head up our missions team

P. 0487 381 378

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