Today our interview takes us to central Victoria to chat with our old friend Leiza Webb​. It wasn't that long ago that Leiza was living here in the valley and played an important part in the life & times of our RVC community. Leiza followed the prompting of God and in an impressive act of obedience, moved to the middle of Victoria. To our mutual delight, God has been moving powerfully & subtly, demonstrating once again that sometimes all we need to do is say yes. Leiza was a guest preacher in 2019, during which she shared some of what God has been doing. 

Here's Leiza.........

What’s this time of isolation been like for you?

Well i must say i have found the isolation good, restorative and relaxing with those i love.


What have you been doing to amuse yourself/keep the days apart?

House work is always available lol. So we have been cooking and walking most days

i also included our Anzac activity 

What are the top three things that you have missed?

Hugs with my family.

I have talked to my mum most days but have not hugged her for a long time. My beautiful Nan is 94 locked in a nursing home. So we limited contact with mum to protect Nan( as Mum  the only one  allowed to see my Nan for 15 mins a day ). So I haven't seen or hugged my Nan either.

I also miss Church but hang I out on rivervalley website.

What is something that has maybe been a positive for you in this time?

Definitely time with family as i'm not rushing around.


How many rolls of toilet paper have you got in the house?

A few ,maybe 24. It's funny how concise I or we became about how many squares you use, they last so much longer now.

What are the top three things you are looking forward to doing when this is all over?

Hugs and family catch ups

Being able to travel and see friends 


Have you indulged in any games during this time?

We play cards nearly everyday. Chenoa is a bit of a card shark and my aim is to win at some stage.

Over Easter we usually camped together as a family. We played games over Easter and shared on a family message group it was so much fun, i will try to share a video.

How many times a day do you wash your hands?

As I work in a school ,heaps . Catch it! bin it! kill it! Then I glen 20 it as well. so maybe bordering on obsessive.


What prayer do you find yourself praying during this time?

I pray for people to have peace and not fear. I'm very thankful that God does not change and is not bound by the corvid 19. He is still in our hearts , minds,homes and communities. He is still at work. So i lift up all those who cross my mind to Him.

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