So here we go again. Our interview subject for today is my good mate ​Jen Hope. As I was preparing this text it dawned on me that I have been doing life with Jen in one form or another for coming up to 20 years. Jen is a keen worshipper; she just loves to sing. She loves to get involved but has had her level of commitment challenged by persistent illnesses over the years; with that in mind, like a prize fighter, she keeps getting up off the canvas. Because of her fragile health, Jen (along with hubby Dave) has been in isolation for about 3 months now. My line with Jens sporadic availability is always "I'll take whatever you can give Jen".

So, here is a little insight into the world of "Jen in isolation"  

What’s this time of isolation been like for you?

Not too dissimilar to before, as we have always spent a lot of time at home due to ill-health. 

What have you been doing to amuse yourself/keep the days apart?    

Facebook, listening to and discovering new music, praying, keeping in touch with (my son) Tanner and friends more via technology. 

What are the top three things that you have missed?

Tanner, sitting in a cafe, church family.


What is something that has maybe been a positive for you in this time?

Seeing how communities across the planet are pulling together to help each other. It lifts my spirit to see such love. Hope it continues after the virus is contained.

How many rolls of toilet paper have you got in the house?

About a dozen but 24 being delivered on Monday. Woohoo! No need for newspaper currently. 


What are the top three things you are looking forward to doing when this is all over?

Seeing/hugging/kissing my son, hugging my friends, did I say seeing/hugging/kissing my son?


Have you indulged in any games during this time?

No. (Boring eh?!)

(Editor: Not sure I believe your answer here Jen!!! 


How many times a day do you wash your hands?

After the loo obviously. If we bring anything into the house it all gets disinfected including our hands.


What prayer do you find yourself praying during this time?

Naturally I ask God to miraculously end this pandemic but more so I ask that people don't lose faith during this time, and that non-believers don't use this as an excuse not to believe. I pray for his comfort for all those who have lost loved ones. I pray this continues to draw us together rather than cause hatred or devide. Also, that the world leaders can make wise and quick decisions to protect the health of so many, instead of the main focus being in the economy.

Thanks Jen. You need to talk Dave into doing his now!!

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