Our victim, (err sorry, I mean, subject) for todays interview is the one & only Denise Firth,

or "Firthy" to her friends. Denise has been working hard with & for the River Valley Community

since the moment she arrived on the scene. Whether it's in the church office, or on the

computer for our Sunday services or now during this time of isolation, during which Denise &

I have been collaborating on the development of this website as a primary communication

tool for our church. The irony for us is that we are only a few houses apart on the street

that we live in, but because of the isolation in place, we've hardly seen each other; even

though we communicate many time a day. 


It's been great getting to know her a little better. Here's a few of her answers to some of our vexing questions.

What has my time in isolation been like?

At times busy; working from home keeping up to date with mail, accounts and website along with housework and shopping there has not been a dull moment. I am especially enjoying learning all the about the website and how it’s runs and programming it.

What have you been doing to amuse yourself?

l read a lot, do crosswords, and watch TV, even doing some baking when l feel like it and slowly getting the garden back in order


Top three things l miss? 

Not being in the office with the Shirley & Carol as we have so many laughs, Church, seeing my church family and singing along and working the computer, it’s not the same watching a video at home.  Seeing the family and not being able to visit.


What has been the most positive thing during this period? 

REST being able to wear my pj all day if l want too, doing a long overdue house clean, I should say something deep and meaningful, but it’s been plain old rest, phoning a few people l know who live alone for a chat


How much toilet paper do you have?

Well to confess l have a whole box, when l couldn’t get any in the supermarket l ordered two boxes from the church supplier. One to keep in office for office use and to put into food parcels and the other for my household, but now that the rush is over l will when the office reopens, what remains will go in the Baptist Church’s cupboard.

Top three things I'll look forward to doing when this is over? 

Going to visit family, especially my grandson in Geelong who had to cut a working holiday in Canada short because we were closing our borders. Ladies movie nights, bible study.

Do you play any Games to keep yourself amused? 

I play solitaire on the computer and phone, and any game that challenge my brain. Playing ball with the dogs, well one dog; the other sits and watches thinking "you've gotta be nuts chasing that thing"

How often do you Wash your Hands? 

Well-being head cook and bottle washer my hands are in and out of water all the time, the rest as needed.

What Prayer do you find yourself praying? 

I read my bible pretty much most mornings followed by prayer. I pray for people during the day depends on who and how many the Lord drops into my heart. I either see a face or a name so l know who l am praying for. Sometimes it’s just a feeling that l need to pray and intercessed for someone

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