Interview #4: John Coulter

Our next interview subject is an old mate of mine; Bernie and I have known John and his wife Margaret, along with their 4 boys for a tick over 30 years. (In fact, I reckon we met Margarets brother Miles before we met the Coulters!!)

Their oldest son, Ross, lived in small Christian community with us back in the 90's at Casa Pallotti which thankfully allowed us to deepen the friendship. I say "thankfully" as this wasn't always the outcome for people who moved on from this community. 

In the dictionary under the words genuine, kind & gentleman, it says "see John Coulter". His responses to our questions (about this time in isolation) were his own and not just following our form. (which we like!!)

Have a read...

Hi Mick we (Margaret & I) hope and pray all is going well for you at this time.


We are thankful that we don’t have to worry about income at this time; being on the pension it just keeps rolling in unlike those unfortunate ones who have lost their jobs and have to spend hours at Centrelink lines.


Having only spent 7 months at our new house we still find plenty to do that keeps us busy.


Keeping in touch with offspring grandies and friends via telephone FaceTime and zoom is a God send not to mention the odd time we manage to escape the premises and look at those with 2 legs ( people ). 

I think this enforced time out will give everybody time to stop and think about where they are headed, as long as anxiety doesn’t get the better of them. (I had a dose of that a couple of weeks ago, fortunately with Margs help and some external intervention I’m back on track.)


I believe the planet too may be able to take a breather from the break neck pace we subject it to although we will no longer be able to see what we are breathing.

Well I’d better stop waffling and rush back to doing nothing . I think after this tirade there’s no need for interviews.


All the best to you and Bern . 
Regards John 


Ps I’ve enjoyed Discovery's service on Sundays.

(Ed: Discovery church have been streaming their services live on Sundays at 9 am and 11 am. Quite a few RVC people have been tuning in for these)

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