Ann Patterson

1) How are you coping during this second lock down?

On the whole I'm coping well. This time though I'm missing the thought that I can catch up with family and friends. First lock down was for a 'period of time'. This time its end is not in sight. Having no time frame to rationalise is more difficult, sometimes I daydream of ways I can sneakily catch up with the kids, live, as opposed to by phone. But I'll just have to wait like everyone else! 

2) What is your view on wearing a mask?

I think masks should have been mandatory in the first round of isolation. Having a nursing background and awareness of Infection Control, masks just make sense.

3) Have you been to the testing station at LinC in Yarra Junction (or anywhere else for that matter?)

I've had no symptoms and no known contacts, so haven't needed to be tested. Nose and throat swabs aren't that bad, been around for years before Covid made them more well known. Not sure why they are more dramatic now than they used to be?

4) How have you been amusing yourself?

Autumn/Winter are busy times in the garden getting ready for Spring. We've had footpaths and garden beds put in the front yard, so lots of planting and transplanting going on at present. I'm also a quilter. At the beginning of the year I set myself a task - to make every one in our family a birthday quilt this year. That's 30 quilts all up and I'm over half way through them. It's given me deadlines and purpose - a good thing when the rest of life has been so restricted.

5) What have you missed?

Like most I'd say family and friends, it was so sweet to see and cuddle the grandkids ever so briefly. But I'm also missing gathering on Sunday with you all. I miss praising Jesus with you all, praying with you all. I miss the personal connection at home group too, as good as Zoom is, I long to see you all face to face.

6) What is a positive for you right now?

Having loooong coffee dates with my husband. Murray likes making real coffee. So we have a flat white each morning, sit in the sun and chat about anything and nothing for as long as we want. Have you heard about the Five Love Languages? Quality time is one of my love languages so coffee time fills my love tank beautifully!

7)What does the future look like for you?

The future is fine. I do life with Jesus. He is more than a conqueror, so that makes me more than a conqueror (a little Revelation reference there!). Life isn't without problems, we have a son and daughter in law in Peru where the pandemic is wreaking havoc in the population and I live with a terminal illness. Still the future is fine because I set my eyes on the One Who Overcomes!

8) Are you watching more TV this time is so, what is your "go to" program?

Not so much TV. I follow a couple of quilters on UTube and I listen to a lot of podcasts as I garden or sew. Eternity have great podcasts: Undeceptions, Salt and With All Due Respect. Tim Keller has lots to listen to as well. And I enjoy the Melbourne ABC radio in the morning if I'm working in the kitchen. On TV I enjoy Backroads and Ernie Dingo's travel program. Its a while since we binge watched anything. Up for good suggestions though.

9) Do you have any words of encouragement for your RVC family?

Stay connected to people you love. Do things that you are passionate about, that fill your love tank so you can love on others too.

10) What prayer do you find yourself praying these days?

Prayer....I bend God's ear often. He's a good listener, I try not to have shopping lists and repetitive prayer, although things do happen. I love reading a bible passage and trying to put myself in it so I can feel and experience what was happening, chat to Jesus about it, see what He's encouraging me in, or correcting me about. During the day I try to keep an open conversation running with Him. That way, whatever is happening I feel I can go straight to Him with it. He's someone I work at staying connected to.


Thank you Ann

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