Shirley Pye

1.  How are you coping this second lock down?

Well I think now we are in lock down for the second time, it seems to be really dragging on. Just not knowing how long this will be going on for is concerning. It is a lot stricter than the first lock down, considering we are compelled to wear masks now. Isolation can be really hard for people that live on their own, but when we know Jesus we know we are not on our own, because he is always with us.

2.  What is your view on wearing a mask?

Wearing a mask isn’t an easy thing to do because it is unnatural, we weren’t born with them on our faces, so it doesn’t seem right, but I think the more we do wear them, the more we will get used to wearing them. A mask can feel suffocating, but, it is worth going through feeling uncomfortable, if it means we are to protect ourselves and others.

3. Have you been to the testing station at LinC in Yarra Junction (or anywhere else for that matter?)

 I  have been twice to the testing station at EACH in Yarra Junction. The first time was in early May, when I had a sore throat, the results took 7 days to come back and at that time I didn’t have to isolate. I had to go back again about 2 weeks ago as I had another sore throat, and they told me because they had been so busy, they didn’t know how long the results would take, and I had to come straight home and isolate. I thought that I would be waiting a couple of weeks for the results, but thankfully, they only took 2 days to come back, the results were negative both times which was excellent. The experience wasn’t that great, as they put the swab down the back of your throat and then up your nose, it was uncomfortable as you didn’t know how far up your nose they were going. Yuk! They were very nice and explained everything to me, which was good.

4.How have you been amusing yourself? 

 Well, I  am thankful to Denise and Jenny as they have given me some things to do which is good.  I have been making a few phone to calls to people to let them know that we are here for them, and I have sent a few cards to those in the community, and also cards to the children. I love keeping in touch with people and it is good for me to have that interaction with people.  I also play a lot of games on my iPad, which isn’t good because I think maybe it is time I grew up, but if I haven’t now maybe I never will.

5. What have you missed? 

I have missed going to Church! Worshipping with others is so important to me, I miss the music and the sermons. I listen to sermons at home, but I really  need to be with everyone at Church, because I think the fellowship is most important. I miss my daughter and my Grandchildren, and all my family, it’s only natural to want to be with our families.

6. What is a positive for you right now?

I think something positive is, to have the internet (I never thought I would ever say that, because I’m old school)  I watch sermons from Discovery Church, Mt. Evelyn e.t.c. and I  spend time praying and reading the Bible more often, which is what I really need.

7.  What does the future look like for you?

The future looks uncertain. Now we are in stage 4 lock down, things seem concerning. BUT! One thing that doesn’t change is Jesus! He is my rock, and he is with me all the time, HE is my future.

8. Are you watching more TV this time if so, what is your "go to" program?

 I watch heaps of television, too much in fact. I watch the midday movies if they are suitable. I also watch Bold and the Beautiful (sorry about that) and Home and Away (I said I haven’t grown up)

9. Do you have any words of encouragement for your RVC family? 

Words of encouragement to other would be, hang in there! If you are feeling down, pick up the phone and ring either one of your family members, or someone from River Valley. We can pray with you and have a chat if that’s what you would like. God will never leave you, he is by your side every minute of the day.

10. What prayer do you find yourself praying these days?

 I usually find myself praying.” Lord, as hard as things are at the moment, you are the only one that is in control of everything.  Help me to know what you are telling us in all this, and help people be sensible in what they do. Whatever the future holds, you will be there with us all the way, no matter what!”
Thank you Shirley

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