Todays interview subject is none other than the Elder Statesman of River Valley,

Mr Rod Blackmore. As father/father in law to our founding pastors Jo and Andy,

Rod is a long serving highly regarded member of RVC. He loves God, is a diligent

reader of the word, as well as extremely reliable when you ask him to pray.

I spent about an hour with Rod the other day (at a very safe distance)

and had a great chat with him....

What has this time of isolation been like for you?

I enjoy my own company. Not really a daring young socialite but I have some good friends that i enjoy spending time with. The isolation is bearable in a way but then you get sick of sitting here looking at yourself; so you invent reasons that you need to go to Woolies for, just for a change of scenery. I’ve also had some medical appointments which break the boredom.

I still see Jo (Rod lives onsite with Jo & Andy) and the kids; I’ll often have a cuppa with Jo; once a week we (Jo and Andy & the kids) all have dinner together. 

These times have taught me, if nothing else, that I need to wash my hands more often. I’m spending a lot of time on my own, but I do get a lot of phones calls from friends. 


Somethings that have been a positive?

These times have proven that I made a good choice moving here 10 years ago. (Editor: Rods’ house is far away enough to have some independence, but close enough to have a viable sense of community)

Getting a nice note from the church was encouraging. Shirley (at the church office) has sent me a card with a personal note which was nice to get.

What have you missed?

I miss hanging out with my mates Hughesy and John Coulter. I miss my table tennis friends. I miss just being able to go for a wander. For instance, sometimes on a Sunday arvo I would grab a book and some fruit, and drive to a sunny spot and just read my book and eat my fruit. Or maybe even drive to Healesville and just buy some lunch. I miss being able to do that. 

How much toilet paper do you have?

Got about 10 rolls of toilet paper but I’ve had them for 2.5 years. 

What are you looking forward to doing when this is all over?

Looking forward to winery gatherings of the table tennis group; well its not run by the table tennis group but it was started by a member of that group. I’ve even won 2 bottles of wine. (I don’t drink) Once a month about 50 blokes will gather there. 

I'm really looking forward to getting back to the table tennis. It has been one of the highlights of my week, You play the games, then you all go out somewhere for a coffee. 


Any Good films, books, TV?

"The book of signs" which is about the end times based on the book of Daniel

Hard wired to Christ by Graeme Schulz

I like the game show, The Chaser. 

Each week I record about 4 church based shows each Sunday morning and then just take my time watching them.

How many times a day do you wash your hands?

I'm a bit of a hand washing pedant. Although I have no fear of shaking other peoples hands but I am aware of the need to be careful


What prayer do you find yourself praying these days? 

I’m usually praying for “A person’. For eg: I was praying for Jo when her shoulder was crook; prayed for Andy when his dad was dying. Pray for my own kids; I’ve come to realise that what Christ did for me on the cross is central to who we are. 

Thanks Rodney

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