So, Our next interview has been around River Valley for a good many years. Jo Schroeders

has faithfully served our community for longer than I care to remember. She loves to

worship, she loves to pray, and we love having her as one of those solid cornerstone

type people. Here's how she responded to the "gruelling" questions...

Qn 1: What has this time of isolation been like for you?

There have been some good points and some bad.  I miss church, my church family

and all the normal, encouraging and happy, positive people I see at church.

QN 2: What have you been doing to keep the days apart/amuse yourself

I am enjoying being less busy, more time at home, in the garden, reading, playing my guitar.  I am now doing LaLa falls three times a week, which is great.

QN 3: Some things that you’ve missed during this time?

I miss church and the Bible study at Carols house, and catching up with friends.


QN 4: What has been a positive for you?

My house is the tidiest it has been in years because I am home more, but I am feeling a little isolated.

QN 5: How many rolls of toilet paper do you have?

We have plenty of toilet paper. (Oooh, avoiding the question??? Editor!!)

Qn 6: What are you looking forward to when this is all over?

I am looking forward to going to church, resuming the Bible study. Catching up with people.

Qn 7: Have you been into any games?

I have played Uno and done a fair bit of colouring in- which I am now over. (Ed: I'm guessing that Jo is referring to the colouring in that she has been doing with her grand daughter?)

Qn 8: How often do you wash your hands?

I am not overdoing the hand washing.  I use sanitiser at the shops and thats about it.

Qn 9: Is there a prayer that you find yourself praying lately? 

I am praying for my sanity because all my connections with the people who keep me sane (Church) have ceased. But I know God is in the midst of all this and believe we will all come out better for it.

Good on Ya Jo

We are looking forward to seeing you back in the house!

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