OK, so todays interview subject is none other than little old me (Mick Mc).  A few people asked when I was going to take part in the un and games so here it is; baring my should for all to see. 

What’s this time of isolation been like for you? 

Well I was off work recovering from my knee replacement when the pandemic struck; the isolation hasn’t been a great deal different to my recovery time before that. So you could say that before the isolation I was stuck at home getting better and that since the isolation I am also stuck at home not getting sick.


What have you been doing to amuse yourself/keep the days apart?

I’ve initially been occupied with keeping this website humming. I’ve also been working hard on my new album. (Slowly but keeping at it). Physio twice a week. Bernie has still been at work so I spend a lot of time on my own


What are the top three things that you have missed?

Being able to see and hug my kids. I miss my church clan. Being able to meet people for a coffee. 

What is something that has been a positive for you in this time?

I guess having some time, space and motivation to work on my music. Oh and I seem to have recovered enough from my surgery to be able to go for walks with Bernie, which is something that we have both missed. I would say that another positive is to kind of be forced into a position where it’s just me & God. Surprisingly I have really appreciated being able to have a break from all that has to happen for our Sunday gatherings to prevail.  

How many rolls of toilet paper have you got in the house?

We just got a delivery from “who gives a crap” so we are loaded right now. 

What are the top three things you are looking forward to doing when this is all over?

Bernie & I would really love to have a holiday somewhere. It’s been a while. Obviously seeing our kids again is high on the list. I am also really looking forward to seeing my brothers & sisters again. 

Have you indulged in any games during this time?

Far too many.


How many times a day do you wash your hands?

Having a background in catering has meant that idea of the reality of cross infection has been inserted into my DNA. I was my hands as often as I need to.


What prayer do you find yourself praying during this time?

Most nights I will look out the window before I get into bed and say this little prayer; “Lord, this world is yours and everything in it”. 

Psalm 24: 1

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