Todays interview candidate is none other than Tony Carroll. Tony and his wife Faye have been a part of River Valley since the early days. Health struggles have meant that we don't often get to see them on Sundays but they are still an important part of who we are.

Tony is always up for a chat; here is some wisdom for your reading pleasure....

What's this time of isolation been like for you? 

Nothing's really changed, the family has stayed in contact, and check to see if we're OK. I notice it's like the old days, there's hardly any traffic and not many people in the shops. 

What have you been doing to amuse yourself/keep the days apart? 

Well I'm Faye's carer, so much the same things, housework, cooking, shopping, (we like to go to Aldi in Seville)  watching Andre' Rieu's DVD's, listening to LP records, watching TV and talking on the phone. 

What are the top three things you have missed? 

Probus trips, Church and family. 

What is something that has been a positive for you at this time? 

Grant calling in, he delivered some wood to us which we appreciated, and someone from River Valley Church called in and left a lovely posy of flowers on our door step for Mother's Day which we thought was lovely. (Editor: yes the Mothers day flower gifts certainly made a positive mark on our community!!)

How many rolls of toilet paper do you have? 

Two packets (Editor: no hoarding there)

What are the top three things you are looking forward to doing when this is all over? 

Connecting with Faye's children who live all over Victoria. Just generally travelling and catching up with family, and also probus.

Have you indulged in any games during this time? 


How many times a day do you wash your hands? 

Religiously now. 

What prayer do you find yourself praying during this time? 

I go outside and know God is all around us, and I thank him for providing everything we need.


Brilliant; Thanks Tony


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