Today we get to hear from another long suffering friend, Shirley Pye. Shirley also exists in the "friends for over 20 years category. In fact I have a suspicion that we may well be approaching the 30 year mark!!! (How old are we?)

Shirley is a woman of great integrity. She has stayed the course of faith through times that would have left the best of us stuck in the mud. Her belated husband, Eddie, stands as one of the more significant mentors in my life. It was through Ed that I got to know Shirl; I love that Shirley has stepped up as a regular at RVC. Although she would be embarrassed to have this said out loud, I see her as a real rock of faith that has been tested by some powerful storms and remains strong and resolute. Have a look at her answers below; there is some real gold in there.


Ladies and gentlemen, Shirley Pye. 

Ok here goes, just take out what you don't want. (Editor: No way)

What has this time of isolation been like for you?

This time of isolation is totally weird, but I know I'm not on my own, we are all facing the same thing so we can relate to each other. If I was living where I had no friends living around me I think I would be depressed, I've also got excellent landlords, they check on me to see if I'm okay, so I am totally blessed. I've had a few times when I've let myself get get down and then I'm reminded that God is my refuge, an ever present help in times of trouble and he will never leave me or forsake me.

What have you been doing to amuse yourself/keep the days apart?
Well I watch a lot of television, which is not good, if I can find a good movie to watch I do but I try to keep away from anything to do with coronavirus because I think you can listen to too much of it and it can be depressing. 


What are the top three things that you have missed?
I have missed being at Church and having that fellowship together, I love the worship music, I know I can listen to it on my iPad but it's not the same as being in Church, and I sound terrible when I sing on my own, at least at Church everyone drowns me out. I really miss my daughter and my Grandchildren heaps! I just want to hug them and spend time with them, I have also found out about a month ago out that I'm going  to be a Great Grandmother so I'm really excited! My Granddaughter Brodi found out she is expecting and I just want to hug her. Now the more time I spend on my own, I find myself thinking of my son Jarrod and how proud he would be to be a Grandfather, and that brings tears to my eyes. Considering he was only 19 when he died it's hard to imagine that he would be a Grandfather. I also miss being with Carol and Denise in the RVC office 3 days a week, but thankfully we see each other Tuesday morning as we still give out bread. Sorry, that's more than 3. ( Editor: no problem this time, but if there's another corona crisis we will have to limit your answers)

What is something that has been a positive for you during this time?

The positive things have been: I've been focusing on God more and trusting in him and spending more time reading the Bible. I have been writing out cards on behalf of the Church and sending them out to those in the community, and also I have been sending them to the children. I have loved doing it, it's good to let people know we care about them and they can still ring us if they need anything or want someone to talk to and It is good for me to be doing something at home and it helps me me feel connected with them.

How many toilet rolls do you have?

I have just opened a packet of 8 toilet rolls. I am glad you asked actually, because I have been totally blessed when it comes to toilet rolls and I have never run out. When I was getting low, I was wondering how I was going to get on, because I had heard there was none in the shops, then a miracle happened  to me when I picked up my car after it had been serviced, after I had paid for it I started walking off,then my mechanic yelled out, "how are you off for toilet rolls?" When I told him I was on my last roll he said "well you can't go without toilet rolls, I just bought a box, so take 6" I was totally blown away no one expects to get 6 rolls of toilet paper with a service! I thanked God all the way home, Even though they were hard to get after that, I've still managed to buy them, thankfully there are plenty around now.

When this is over....

When this is over, I'll be looking forward to catching up with my daughter, Andrea and my Grandchildren, and going shopping for my Great Grandchild. I'll look forward to going back to worship with my friends and going back to the office with Denise and Carol.

Have you indulged in any games during this time?
I play games on my iPad all the time anyway, I play too much. Now that I have been home all the time I'm playing heaps more. I like the bonza crossword puzzle, spot the difference and candy crush among others.


How many times a day do you wash your hands?
I wash my hands a lot anyway, so I don't really wash them more than normal. I make sure I carry hand sanitizer everywhere I go and use it after I've been in the shops or putting petrol in the car.


What prayer do you find yourself praying during this time?
I find myself praying 'God you're the only one that's in control of what's going on, no one's greater than you, and your timing is perfect, so I pray for patience during this time and protection over everyone and I pray that not one more person will lose their life from this virus, and I know you hear me and you don't want to see people suffering because you love us all". I'm sure one day we will see the bigger picture but hopefully we will come out of this with a more positive attitude toward one another. 

Brilliant; Thanks Shirley

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