Leiza Webb

1.How are you coping during this second lockdown?
 This time round I have had shoulder surgery keeping me from work, also this time round lock down has benefited me a lot.

2. What is your view on wearing a mask?
I don’t mind wearing a mask as I am not out much. It would be different if I had to wear one all day. Dallas is in his truck by himself and has no client contact yet in his company it is mandatory to wear it all day. 
His beard has gone because of it!

3. Have you been to the testing station at LinC Yarra Junction (or anywhere else for that matter?)
I have not been tested in the Yarra valley but have had two done in regional Victoria. One in my car which made me a bit self-conscious of who was walking by. The second in a hospital, taken down long corridor felt like war zone one staff covered head to toe lol. I didn’t find either test that bad.

4.How have you been amusing yourself? 
The girls amuse themselves with home schooling and cooking, so I am taste testing a lot. Sponges Anzac cookies last night was beef masala biryani rice and naan bread. I am supervisor. It’s has been a great experience to share together. 

5.What have you missed? 
I am missing family, working and time with friends.

6. What is a positive for you right now?

The positive is I am home with my girls a lot.  I am enjoying it.

7.What does the future look like for you? 
We are in stage three here, so I am guessing we just have to wait and see. God is in control.

8. Are you watching more TV this time, if so, what is your “go to” program?
 I am enjoying a TV show hosted by Ray Martin called “Look me in the eye.” Where two people have a chance to confront any issues between them, first by spending time just looking at each other. It is quite powerful. One episode was where a child solider was confronting his perpetrator. Both now have the faith to seek resolution.    Have a tissue box handy.

9. Do you have any encouragement for your RVC family? 
River Valley be encouraged in how your church is keeping everyone connected! 

10.What prayer do you find yourself praying these days?
 I am praying praise and thanksgiving for those I pray for, those in our communities, service and peace. Praise is our faith in action no matter the circumstances!

Thank you Leiza


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