Mick McIvor

1.How are you coping during this second lockdown?

Gotta say, this has been a challenge. I’ve been out of things mostly since February after my second knee replacement in 12 months. Really missing my kids; really missing the things that Bernie & I had planned to do this year. 


2.What is your view on wearing a mask?

It’s not entirely a bad thing. It’s not the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn but heck, if it helps to achieve a positive outcome more quickly, then heck, bring it on 


3. Have you been to the testing station at LinC in Yarra Junction (or anywhere else for that matter If so what was the experience like?

No – I see professional health people every week for my recovery so I’m under close scrutiny but I’ve not yet had the stick up the nose; not sure they would have a stick long enough for this Schnoz


4. How have you been amusing yourself?

Working in my music studio as much as I can; Working on the church website almost every day. riding my bike when I can, walking around this beautiful town; within the rules of course


5. What have you missed?

I miss the face to face contact with the people who I call my community. I really miss being able to hug my kids; I really really miss being able to cuddle my new grand daughter Etta


6. What is a positive for you right now?

I have a roof over my head and a fire to get warm by. My wife is going through this with me. It will end soon enough


7. What does the future look like to you?

I’m learning a lot about the consistency of God through what we might think are uncertain times.The future looks very interesting indeed when you anchor yourself in that kind of thinking


8. Are you watching more TV this second time around if so what is your (go to) program?

Watching my share. Bernie and I have really enjoyed watching the West Wing this year. Just recently we absolutely got hooked on the Eco Warrior challenge by Bear Grylls. Not something that would normally grab us


9. Do you have any words of encouragement for your RVC family?

Hang in there; God is still sovereign; he IS the same yesterday, today & forever. Think on that each night before you fall asleep

10. What prayer do you find yourself praying these days?

Every night I try to remember to look out of my window and simply pray “Lord, this world is yours, and everything in it; I trust you” (loosely based on Ps 89:11) 


Stay strong peoples!!!

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