Todays Interview subject is none other than my very wife of nearly 40 years. This woman is amazing in so many ways. Dedicated mother, hard working, creative educator, driven to get better, percussionist, vocalist; Have a look at her responses.

What has this time of isolation been like for you?

I have only had 2 weeks of isolation. Finding myself in a new work environment and new tasks has taken up most of my energy. I loved my isolation time. I didn’t have to think about places to go and people to see for a brief time. It allowed me to spend time reflecting and sitting quietly with God and His word. I loved my long walks with my husband where we got to reflect on our situation, talk about everything and anything and just be. I have also not stopped thinking about my kids and have probably kept in contact maybe more than usual to make sure they are doing okay.


What have been doing to amuse yourself?

Walking in so many different places and tracks around the Valley, praying a little more intently and working in the garden which is one of my most favourite pass times. Also cleaning out different areas of the house. I went through an old photo box one afternoon, it was a real memory stirrer. When I finished I felt like I had just taken a stroll through so many parts of the life God has given me. I felt very thankful.


What are the top 3 things that you have missed?

  • My children. Because I was in isolation in holiday time, some of the kids would usually come and stay. I Really missed that. 

  • Going to Op shops. A great pass time where I get to chill out and be creative

  • Catch up meals with extended family and friends.


What is something that has been a positive?

  • Spending more time with Gods word and seeking a real understanding for what he is saying within the scripture readings.

  • Taking those long awaited walks with Michael. Something I had missed greatly.

  • Without seeming heartless, I have enjoyed not being at church on Sundays. I definitely miss all the people and I love the community that I am part of, but working all week takes it toll and I don’t have much left by the time I get to the weekends. Although I love sharing my gift, preparing for the experience is exhausting. 

How many rolls of toilet paper do you have in the house?

Right now, about 10 rolls.  I figured during the time of hoarding that there was much more to be concerned about and figured that there were other creative ways to wipe your bottom.


What are the top three things that you are looking forward to?

  • Having a big family meal with my children

  • Seeing siblings and extended family again.

  • Op shop shopping


What games have you enoyed?

I have played online scrabble with Michael, my daughter Sarah-Rose and my Sister-in-law Helen. Lots of fun and has allowed my mind to switch off from world events.


How many times a day do you wash your hands?

I feel like I have become OCD with washing hands, therefore I’m not sure how many times I wash them. Before I get out of the car every day from work I not only put hand sanitiser on my hands, but wipe every thing that I have touched down in the car.


What prayer do you find yourself praying during this time ?

Keep every one I love safe and well. Trust in the Lord with every thing I have in my heart and try hard not to lean on my own understanding. I attempt to acknowledge everything that He does in my life and is doing in the World at this time, knowing that his guidance is always there, unfailing, always forgiving and never ending.

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