Introducing Charlene Hosemans.

Affectionately known as Charley to her friends. I forgot to ask her how long she had been

attending RVC but my best guess would say 5 - 10 years? It turns out that Charley

was a great choice for first cab off the rank with our Isolation” questionnaire . 

How did she go? You be the judge…


Qn 1: What has this time of isolation been like for you?

Well, this is my 4th year of practising self Isolation. For the previous three years, I have been preparing for various medical procedures so I practiced self isolation then while waiting for the operations because I didn’t want to have the sniffles (which could have delayed the surgery). So really, this year hasn’t been much different to previous years.

On reflection, I’ve found that I am very fortunate in this time, to be an aged pensioner and not have to worry about getting paid; I’m also very fortunate in this time to be living where I am with the park community around me. 

I’ve found myself having more faith based conversations with people, as they struggle through these times and ultimately are faced with their own mortality. 

I have lived an itinerant life; this time of isolation has really caused me to reflect on the places I’ve been, the churches I’ve been part of and the faith that I’ve grown into, or rather, the relationship with God that I’ve found

QN 2: What have you been doing to keep the days apart/amuse yourself

Well I haven’t written any songs. (Laughs!!)

I have been loving the text messages from Jenny Syme each midday announcing the theme for the call to prayer for that day. I’ve found that they have encouraged me to pick up and read the verses that she has referred to. So, yeh, been doing more Bible reading, not so much bible study, but reading.

Some days I watch a lot of TV, mainly ABC news. I’ve learned to not allow it to be dangerous. I was born in Michigan which is the Trump heartland, so much of what is happening in the USA doesn’t surprise me. 

Watching TV during this time I’ve become quite pleased with our PM. He appears to have left his ego aside and seems to be really leading the team. 


QN 3: Some things that you’ve missed during this time?

I’m missing personal contact, hugs, touch, like we do at church.

I couldn’t see my daughter for her 50th just recently. My personal contact with her was reduced to a video phone call of blowing out the candles. I would never have missed a previous birthday with her.

The community here is very quiet. We (permanent residents) will still stop and talk (from 5 or 6 metres). The park is very quiet though with the absence of holiday makers that would normally fit the place; the landlords are losing a lot of money.


QN 4: What has been a positive for you?

With the quietness of the park, the landlords are realising the value of the permanent residents and are paying more attention to our needs. For example, my hot water service died just recently and they were onto it straight away. This time has really seen them shine. 

Another positive; I’ve always been loathe to grab a digital book, but have discovered a love for them. That is until I dropped my tablet and the screen died.


QN 5: How many rolls of toilet paper do you have?

Well funny you should ask that question; My health case worker recommended I get a bidet so just recently Alex Syme installed a new toilet for me, complete with bidet. 

When that happened I had 18 rolls; I now have 3

I had a door knock from a local church member asking if we needed anything; I said no but I can give you some toilet paper if you need it so I gave 15 away. (I wasn’t expecting that answer: Ed)


Qn 6: What are you looking forward to when this is all over?

Definitely having a good sing at church; I still sing at home but it’s not like being with my church family. Also, going out for a meal, just treating myself. Going out for breakfast is my meal of choice. I love going to 3 sugars; they have a great all day breakkie menu. 


Qn 7: Have you been into any games?



Freecell; Probably free cell is my go to game


Qn 8: How often do you wash your hands?

Probably 8 - 10 times a day. Quite pedantic really. If nothing else this time has made me realise that I could probably do better at that.

Qn 9: Is there a prayer that you find yourself praying lately? 

Good morning God, This is your day, I am your child, show me the way

Thanks Charley!!!

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