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Hot Tips

Things to Keep You Going

It's truly amazing how times like these can awaken all manner of survival strategies. And not just survival, but this time of struggle also gives all of us a great opportunity to sharpen our focus a little tighter onto the things that really matter to us. 

This is the place to come to read about and contribute such things!!

Things to keep you going #4;

These two great thoughts were sent by Jo S




Hot Tips #3:

This one is from Jason & Cindy Castleton. Their daughter Bec and her husband Tom have just had another baby. (YAY!) Cindy & Jas both live in the land of vulnerable immune systems. The consequence of this, along with the current global health issues, has meant that haven't been able to spend time with the new born. One fantastic solution to this has been to get each household to prepare the same meal then sit at a virtual table with each other via Skype, what app or one of the other popular online video links and have the meal together. 

We will certainly be trying that one

Things to keep you Going #3: The Chosen

This incredible series can be accessed online on a number of different media platforms. We have been watching it via YouTube. There are currently 8 episodes available (I think). The production values are first rate; the music is wonderful; the research is commendable, But most important of all, it has struck me as one of the most brilliant ways of telling an ancient story that I have ever seen. Click Here to have a look at episode one; I can almost guarantee that you won't be able to stop after 1.

Things to Keep You Going #2: Great Worship Music

Here are some suggestions for you to consider, to pick up your spirits, to focus your heart, to help you listen for the voice of the Lord God Almighty...

Song 1: Click here for "Highlands, song of ascent." 

Song 2: Click here for "One Thing Remains"

Song 3: Click here for "Be Thou My Vision"

Song 4: Click Here for "New Wine"

Song 5: Click Here for "Way Maker"


Mick Mc here again with a Second instalment of free music. This one was inspired by a devotional that Sarah Johnson shared on our River Valley facebook page based on Psalm 34.


"Let's not give voice to fear. Put the Word of God in your mouth! Let's focus on Jesus, and together daily magnify His name greater than any other god in the earth. He alone is our redeemer and deliverer! ❤

"I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth. My soul shall make its boast in the Lord The humble shall hear of it and be glad. 

"Oh, magnify the Lord with me, And let us exalt His name together. I sought the Lord , and He heard me, And delivered me from all my fears. They looked to Him and were radiant, And their faces were not ashamed."

Psalms 34:1‭-‬5 NKJV"

Reading Sarah's reflection reminded me of a song that I had written years ago based on the same Psalm. Bernie & I offer it to you today as a freebie to encourage you to keep going in this challenging. It's a fairly joyful, upbeat version that I'm hoping will get you up and dancing. It features my old mate Dave King on Lead vocals as well as drums by our old River Valley Friend and former Pastor "Rod Wilson"

Click Here To download your free copy


Watch this space tomorrow for some links to more worship music.

Hi Denise here, l felt lead to attach a song that has got me through some tough times.  

There is a special someone out there that needs to listen to this song.

 l pray it speaks to your heart

Click Here: "Another in the Fire"


Mick Mc here with what I hope is a special gift. Bernie and I are a few months away from releasing a new album. We thought we would pre-release a couple of songs to encourage you all to keep your eyes on the author of faith during these challenging times. The songs are on my Bandcamp page (which is where you will find most of my music) and I have flagged them as free downloads. (The site will ask you if you want to donate something but seriously, you don't need to.)

Download them; share the link with anyone that you think could use a boost.

Click on the underlined words to go to the song. 

Song One: Psalm 91

Song Two: Sacred Faith 

Hot Tips #2:

If you live in the Valley you will probably know about Launch Fresh. They have just announced a brilliant new service. More details about it can be found on their Facebook Page. 

For now you can access this service via a phone call. (5964 7019)


As of today due to the current circumstances Launch Fresh will be offering customers the opportunity to ring through their personal orders, pay the total over the phone and then ring back when they arrive in the car park to have their order delivered straight into the car with no contact! We understand these are strange times and this is how Launch Fresh have reacted to make your shopping experience more convenient and effective due to COVID-19. Thank you for your continued support during these times.


Things to Keep You Going #2:

Darling humans far and wide. Huge love to each and every one.

Well, this is all rather dramatic isn't it. The world is changing day by day,

the crisis is escalating hour by hour. So it seems. We humans are little.

We are fragile. Big disasters always drum home this point. 

This is a sneaky disaster, not noisy like a bushfire, not dramatic like a flood,

not destructive like an earthquake. It attacks by stealth. It's easy for people

to become frightened and insecure. Every instinct urges us to think for

ourselves, hoard, grab, compete and butt aside the weaker. 

Well, not on my watch. 

Let me tell you about a secret super power that is made for these times. It's

the art of MINISTERING IN THE OPPOSITE SPIRIT. It's deliberately, rebelliously doing

the direct opposite to whatever the prevailing spirit of the age happens to be. 

I am seeing the cray-cray conspiracy posts. I am hearing the doomsday voices. I am noticing the posturing and threatening and competing, just like we all are. 

Well we're not doing that here. It's not going to be the "law of the jungle" and the "survival of the fittest". Not in my neighbourhood, not in my circle, not on my watch.

Instead, I'm calling out the competitive, individualistic mentality. It is groomed by capitalism and stoked by patriarchy. It's what got us into this mess in the first place. Doing yet even more of what caused the destruction, to an even greater extreme, won't fix this. 

Yet we may notice some deluded souls doing just that.

Not round here, though, NOT SO AMONG YOU as the greatest lover the world has ever known once said.

This is not the dust bowl of Oklahoma, it's not Wall Street in 1927, it's not Sandakan or Kokoda or the Burma Railway or Changi or Dachau. It's not Syria or Yemen or Woomera or Cox's Bazar or Quetta. But even as we face more uncertainty than we've ever had to before, we can take a clue from people who kept their humanity through the darkest, most horrible chapters of time.

They did it with kindness. They gave when they had hardly anything, they shared when every instinct wanted to hoard. They cared for others when they had no strength left. They were gentle, generous, kind, caring, and loving, even when evil of the worst kind appeared to be prevailing. They were quietly, ostentatiously brave in the face of abject horror, in times of true terror.

I don't know HOW they did it, but I do know, whether they perished or whether they survived those terrible times - they lived and died as heroes, and to the bitter end of the struggle - they made the world a better place - they made THEIR world, even though it was a harder world, an uglier world, a confined world ... a better place.

And that, my peeps, is what WE are going to do.

We are going to care. Share. Give. Thrive. Create. Love. We are going to be radically, courageously generous. We are going to spread viral kindness.

And ultimately, we will conquer this.


HOT TIP #1: You Version Bible App

During a church service, you have probably noticed that when the preacher gives the invitation to open your bible, many people reach for their phone, or their iPad. Contrary to suspicions, most are not checking their Facebook page; Many people will be opening a powerful Application called the youversion Bible App. If you've never used it before, it's a powerful little sucker. And whilst they do offer you ways to donate to them, it is an entirely free service. There are so many different translations of the Holy Scriptures. There is a daily bible verse which they will email to you each day if you want. There are also many devotionals you can take part in covering a wide variety of themes. 

Why not try it out? Maybe seek out a friend who is also using it and do a devotional together. Or use it to compare different translations. I love my print Bible but I am absolutely sold on the way that this Bible App uses modern technology to fit right into my everyday life.

Here is a link to their website YOUVERSION ; although you can see what they are about on their website, it is an App designed for use with a smart phone or a tablet

Things to Keep You Going #1: Great Worship

Lately at RVC, the worship team has been introducing some new music to all & sundry. Always on the lookout for new sounds that the team thinks will edify our people, has this year lead us to some interesting discoveries. 

One such discovery is an American worship collective that goes by the name "Shane & Shane". The name is probably the give away. It's not flashy, and probably not the smartest marketing ploy, but the music...; the music has a real humility about it. Mick was heard to say "you can look at a Hillsong piece and think, 'we will never be able to reproduce that'; not so with the music of Shane and Shane

Here are links to two of their songs, that are actually old hymns that they have breathed some new life into. 

Click on the title of the songs to be taken to youtube and have a listen to these.

The first one is Praise to the Lord

The Second one is Come Thou Fount

If you've never used You Tube before, don't be alarmed if an advert comes up when you press play. Usually when they've been going for a few seconds, a little window will pop up saying "Skip Ad". If you click on that it should take you straight to the song after that