Meet our Eldership Team

You’ll Be Glad You Did

Gil & Cathie Cann


Gil & Cathie bring years of experience to our eldership and we value their wisdom and knowledge

Grant Morris


Grant comes from a long history of Christian community. He brings a down-to-earth approach to all that he does within our community and we strongly value his dedication to our church vision.

Murray Patterson​


My wife Ann and l have lived in the Yarra Valley for eight years, the past few have been with RVC.
We love this part of the Valley and the community.
I became a Christian as a teenager and have had some challenging and exciting adventures in my
walk with Jesus. I was involved in youth work and adventure camping in N Z and after finishing my apprenticeship in carpentry
I attended a Bible school in Auckland. I then spent seven years in New Guinea and Fiji doing missionary work.
I then returned to NZ and qualified as a teacher .
In 1980 I migrated to Melbourne teaching as a TAFE and secondary school teacher, also working with disadvantaged youth and adventure camping.
Since retiring we have moved to the Yarra Valley.
I love the Bible and I’m constantly amazed by God’s love and desire to work in and through me.
I’m looking forward to being involved in R.V.C. and to be part of the eldership team.



Ann Patterson


Over the years l have found that God has all the answers to my needs, whether in good or tough times.
to be able to find a community of like minded people where ever l have lived has been a blessing to me in my life.
I am happy being part Of RVC these days and to be part of the journey the Lord is taking us all on.

Phil Ison

Hi my name is Philip (Phil) Ison and I am one of the new Elders at River Valley church.
My wife Sandy and I have been in the valley for 33 years, we have 2 daughters

Kaylee and Roseanne also 2 grandchildren and son-in-law, Pete.
I recently retired from the Yarra Rangers Council where I worked for 30 years.

Prior to that Sandy and I were house parents for 5 Aboriginal children in Western Australia.
With God’s help and strength I hope to be a good asset/ Elder for RVC. 

Philippians 4: 13 
I can do everything through him who gives me strength


Coral Styles


I was bought up in a Christian home, but it wasn’t until later life that my relationship with the Lord was deeply rooted.  
I love the Lord with all my heart, and I am sold on the fact that He is the way to a complete and fulfilled life
as has been my experience for many years now.  
I have also been a recipient of His healing hand and amazing grace from a past that was marred by pain but also very bad choices. 
I have only been living in the Valley since May 2017 but adore living where I am surrounded by the amazing beauty of God’s Creation.
I am truly blessed to call River Valley Church my family.  
To serve on the Eldership was never something I gave any thought to in the past but, in saying that I feel honoured that the
Lord has called me to serve in this way.
I also love community so look forward to developing more relationships with the Valley.