Meet our Eldership Team

You’ll Be Glad You Did

Gil & Cathie Cann


Gil & Cathie bring years of experience to our eldership and we value their wisdom and knowledge

Grant Morris


Grant comes from a long history of Christian community. He brings a down-to-earth approach to all that he does within our community and we strongly value his dedication to our church vision.

                           Phil Ison

             Hi my name is Phil Ison and I am one of the new Elders at River Valley church.
             My wife Sandy and I have been in the valley for 33 years, we have 2 daughters

             Kaylee and Roseanne also 2 grandchildren and son-in-law, Pete.
             I recently retired from the Yarra Rangers Council where I worked for 30 years.

            Prior to that Sandy and I were house parents for 5 Aboriginal children in Western Australia.
            With God’s help and strength I hope to be a good asset/ Elder for RVC. 

            Philippians 4: 13 
           I can do everything through him who gives me strength


                           Coral Styles

       I was bought up in a Christian home, but it wasn’t until later life that my relationship with the Lord was deeply rooted.  
      I love the Lord with all my heart, and I am sold on the fact that He is the way to a complete and fulfilled life
      as has been my experience for many years now.  
     I have also been a recipient of His healing hand and amazing grace from a past that was marred by pain but also very bad choices. 
     I have only been living in the Valley since May 2017 but adore living where I am surrounded by the amazing beauty of God’s Creation.
    I am truly blessed to call River Valley Church my family.  
   To serve on the Eldership was never something I gave any thought to in the past but, in saying that I feel honoured that the
   Lord has called me to serve in this way.
  I also love community so look forward to developing more relationships with the Valley.