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Good Morning to everyone once again.  I hope you are all managing well through this time.  

Those who are committed to intimacy with the Godhead can’t help but be in a state of transformation in one way or another.  My book is full of God’s healing and transformation, and He did this with me, having very little theology, even though I grew up in a Christian home.  Transformation is a constant in our lives if we are committed to an intimate relationship with the Lord.

I read something beautiful the other day in the Word saying that Jesus never expects us to be totally transformed before He calls us to Himself.  We would have very little hope if this wasn’t the case.  He loves us all warts and all and I believe we are required to love others this way as well.  

An important fact we need to remember when contemplating this, is that it is the Lord’s undertaking to transform others not ours.  Unfortunately, over the years many of us have tried to take control of this with sad results.  I have seen many people leave the church and more importantly reject the Godhead because we may have jumped ahead of the Lord.

My experience with transformation was a lot easier than many people because I had a strong and gracious family behind me who didn’t always approve my behaviour but recognised that it was Jesus’ place to change that behaviour.  Many people don’t have the benefit of a support network that I was blessed with.  What I have found detrimental in this case is, that the world treats bad behaviour very differently than our Lord does.  If people act out there is mostly avoidance, interference or punishment, this then creates a vicious cycle that confirms the misrepresentations these people tend to carry of themselves and act out even more.  Everyones behaviour is learned by the original cause (negative examples are abuse, abandonment, rejection, just to name a few) and the behaviour is the effect or coping mechanisms (for example rage, anger, addictions, withdrawal etc).  Where do these people go when caught in this vicious cycle without a loving family or environment?  I have worked with many people in this predicament over the last seven years and many experience isolation, hopelessness and despair with little help in sight.

Isaiah 2:2 says, “In the last days, the mountain of Yahweh’s temple will be raised up as the head of the mountains, towering over all the hills.  A sparkling stream of every nation will flow into it.”  Then a part of the notes which say, “This speaks of the uphill flow of the river of God—a supernatural magnetism bringing the nations into the kingdom of Christ (TPT p12/13).” The notes in the above verse refers to Isaiah 60:5 that says, “Then you will understand and be radiant.  Your heart will be thrilled and swell with joy.  The fullness of the sea will flow to you and the wealth of the nations will be transferred to you.” The notes say, “as you understand you will sparkle and flow together.”  I have referred to these verses before, but it is very relevant to us when pondering an outcome of transformation.

I believe the content of the above verses are a goal that each Christian will attain if they are committed to the transformation power of the Lord, through the Holy Spirit, and via an intimate relationship with the Godhead.  As we receive His insights in our lives, He can’t help but lead us to the mysteries He speaks of through His Word.  John 14:12 is Jesus letting us know our potential if we faithfully follow Him!  He said that we would do greater miracles than even He did (that is beyond my comprehension, but His Word is truth)!

Contemplating the words like radiance and sparkle etc. I have read in the Word, I have asked the Lord a lot about this and believed He has given me certain insights into this. The message is the pure, unadulterated Love of the Lord God.  Jesus walked this earth modelling the Father perfectly so we would experience our Fathers character.  I believe that Jesus defines all people by who they are in Him, and were created to be, rather than by their behaviour.  God breathed life into man, thus giving us the potential to access His character through the Holy Spirit when Jesus ascended to the right hand of our Father.  This is huge because if you read Psalm 139, we see that the Lord knows all about us and others inside and out.

As we ask the Lord to love as He does, Jesus will give us opportunity to love in this way.  I have asked the Lord through His Spirit, to give me His eyes to see others as He does.  I realise that this isn’t something we can achieve in our own strength.  Life creates in us mechanisms to avoid, fight or question anything that causes a negative effect within our environment, and sometimes the behaviour of other people causes this type of reaction.  What I am saying here is that every judgement we may make about others, every hurt we may have felt, every resentment we have held etc., will all be surrendered to Jesus.  As we surrender these things and allow Him to transform us there is potential for us to totally give up self and serve as Jesus modelled to us so prominently and beautifully.

This means not looking at others behaviour but identifying each person as God created them to be.  This is through the power of the Holy Spirit once we do surrender.  Jesus never judged anyone in this way as we see with the demonised man in the land of Gerasenes as we read in Luke 8:26-39, Zacchaeus the tax collector in Luke 19, the adulteress who was to be stoned to death in John 8 and many others in the bible.  He knew exactly what the causes for each person’s behaviour was (as it is confirmed of in Psalm 139).  Jesus concentrated on loving, mercy and healing without judging because He knew that the Father is the Judge of all.  All this without excusing their bad behaviour by any means.  Jesus speaks clearly on this subject in Luke 6:37-42.

I believe the Lords heart is for us to work with all people going through hardship whether disenfranchised, marginalised, hopeless, broken and the list goes on which from my observations, River Valley Church does exceedingly and abundantly well.  No social class of people are immune to hardship as Covid-19 has displayed to us all.  

I think that as a church family, we need to live with a Kingdom perspective rather than a worldly one as Jesus did.  I believe most would realise that the Old Testament Church believed that the Messiah would come as a Warrior King similar to King David (a fighting man).  The truth is He was a Warrior King but not in a worldly sense.  His power was always through a pure and exquisite love and goodness for His Father and all people.  He could have been a dictator and kept us in line through force and punishment but that was never our Father’s intention and I love that.  We will always be assured that His motives are always pure and good toward all people.

My belief is that if we are fully committed and intimate with the Godhead, and He is transforming us from the inside out, and we then surrender all forms of judgement toward others as we ask to see everyone as He does.   Then I believe we will be healthier vessels or conduits to carry the glorious radiance of our Lord Jesus.  He will then create a supernatural magnetism bringing the nations into the Kingdom of Christ, as others learn the truth of our amazing Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit.

Have a blessed week, Love Coral 

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