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As Christians living out our faith in the 21st century, we acknowledge that we are the custodians of a timeless story. We don't have to re-invent the story or come up with another story; as custodians, we simply have to explore ways to effectively communicate this timeless story, with the people who occupy this time and place. 


It is our belief that God gives each of us gifts and talents that only come fully alive when we use them in the service of His Kingdom. When we use our "God given gifts" to tell that timeless story in new and fresh ways, we become truly free. 


River Valley Church has been serving the people of the Upper Yarra for just on 20 years now. The use of many and varied expressions of Creativity has been a thread running through those years. Through music, visual art, storytelling, themed superhero camps, drama, multi media, and many other forms, we have always encouraged people to embrace & discover the gift that God has given them. 

We are now on the cusp of another new season whereby we will once again embrace the idea that "we have the best story to tell; our job is to tell it in a way that this generation can hear it". 

Watch out for more details below as the year changes course once again

Mick Mc

How can you be part of it all?

The River valley arts team is always on the lookout for people who want to explore the marriage between their gift and the good news. 


  • Can you sing? Can you play an instrument? Does leading people in worship set your Spirit on fire? 

    • We are always on the lookout for people who want to explore their gifts this way. Serving on a church based worship team requires skill, discipline, time and a desire to express and grow your faith using your gift. 

  • Do you have a technical mind? Have you ever thought about marrying your technical mind with creative expression and modern technology?

    • To run our corporate Sunday gatherings alone​, we need a technical crew to run sound engineering, lighting, audio visual and stage management. 

    • As well as just keeping our meetings running, we are always on the lookout for people who want to go that one step further with technology, and use this medium to further enhance the ways that we as a church can make this timeless message relevant to the people that we are called to serve.

  • Is planning your thing? Creative thinking is a particular gift and if you feel that you have been blessed with such a gift, we would love to hear from you. At River Valley, almost all of our gatherings come under the auspices of what we call the EPT. (Evaluation & planning team) This is a team that meets regularly (pre-covid19), as well as constant online communication via email & facebook. 

  • Preparing the space: a huge part of our regular gathering involves making sure that the room we are gathering in is appropriately setup. This is more than putting out a few chairs; it involves translating a desire to make people feel welcome into what people experience at a sensory level when they walk in the room.  

Want to explore some possibilities? 


Either contact me directly if you have my details, or have ago at filling out the form below and I will get back you. An exploratory chat costs nothing but a bit of time


Mick Mc

What does it take to be part of a church worship/arts team?


Well what a great question. The answer is on going and hopefully revelatory as it goes . There is no one formulaic answer that will win over everyone & provide a template that we could measure each response against. My answer to that question must begin (and in some ways end) with why? Why do you want to be part of such a team? What has happened in your life that has made you look in the direction of serving on a creative team? What have you done/are you doing to promote and develop your creative ability in singing, playing an instrument, writing songs, understanding and utilising multi media technology, painting, drawing, dancing and so on.What if anything, has been spoken over your life? 

You have to be able to at the very least "begin" to be able to answer these questions. If not answer, then you must be able to show that you have started that exploratory journey that will help uncover some of the answers. Being part of a church worship team, means that you understand these things, almost better than you understand your particular chosen creative expression. 


When people come to me to talk about their various desires to be part of some of the things that I have done over the years, I am invariably listening for cues hidden inside what they are telling me. Cues such as how long have they been playing singing etc; what sort of instrument do they have and what condition is it in. Cues like, how well they understand the goals and vision of what is being attempted here; cues like, what are they prepared to do to be part of what we are attempting. None of these are definitive on their own, but they certainly go a long way to helping us to help you understand & develop what God may or may not have put in you.

A story to finish..

I was once conducting a series of workshops for a church down in Melbourne that wanted to be better at contemporary worship. They were hoping to showcase their development by launching their vision at a Sunday that was looming on the horizon. Two weeks out, and no drummer had yet emerged. I decided that for the sake of expediency I would ask a good friend of mine if he might join us. It's not every day that Rod Wilson from Sons of Korah is available for such an event. Not only would they get a great drummer but they would also get to glean some wisdom from his vast experience. Mid rehearsal one of the group leaders put his hand up & said that "Jane" could play drums. (News to me!!). This was now a public question so I tried to gently get some info as quick as I could.

"Hi Jane; so you play drums?"


"Fantastic; how long have you been playing for?"

I had lessons about two years ago.

"Ok. Do you own a drum kit?"


"Do you have some drum sticks?"


"When was the last time that you played?"

Over a year ago. 

Poor Jane wasn't a drummer. Using Rod for the event was the right call. Hopefully Jane got inspired watching him play

Next week we will look at Commitment & standards



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