30 Minutes for the World

What is it?

  • A call out to all of our people, to join us once a day in prayer



  • Once a day, midday, every day.


How does it work?

  • You agree to be part of this group

  • Each day you get a text at 11.55 am reminding you......

    • that the gathering is about to happen​

    • of some possible scriptures or focus for todays prayer

  • Whatever you are doing and wherever you are, you begin the prayer time in whatever way your circumstances will accomodate. ​

  • You share back with us any thoughts, insights and revelations that may have come your way when you were praying 

  • You get ready to do it all again tomorrow 


How do I become part of it?

  • Send a message to Jenny Syme or Mick Mc via the Inquiries pop up on this page.  ​


P. 0487 381 378

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