Distribution of Mission Funds

MOST has had the privilege of distributing our church tithes to the following people
or organisations

Most has donated funds to the following missions
$1,000 to Open Doors to be sent where needed most.
$1,000 to Nick & Kysha Davies in Puru
$1,000 to Mary Onege in Nairobi to help supply clean water

River Valley enabling indigenous works
We have been able to give $2,800 through Asia Evangelical Fellowship
to enable their workers to give help to the Indian people in desperate situations during the Covid19 crisis.
Please continue to pray for the people of India and AEF workers, who must often be swamped by the needs of the people, Our gift will help meet some of the needs in doing so practically demonstrate God's love to the people whom they work amongst.
God bless each of you as you share and demonstrate God's love to your neighbours, family here in the Yarra Valley.
God Bless
Cathie Cann

Local 30% of monies

a. To a local Christian Radio - $400

b. Mark Clough (Jackie's son) Mark has been caught in Thailand and unable to return to Australia due to Covid 19. He and his finance have used up all their monetary resources
and are dependent on a bowl of rice provided through the generosity of local monks
each day.   $400

c. Benwerrin, who help women in need and crises - $400

d. Millwarra Primary School to help children and families, as they see necessary - $400

Overseas (70%)

a. Mary Onege working in a village in Uganda to enable her to continue with the installation of rainwater tanks for the villages - $600

b. Ron & Anne Mathieson to enable them to continue their work in a school they established in Uganda - $600

c. River Valley to sponsor a child through Compassion. Our children will be able to choose the sponsored child on Sunday - $600

d. Open Doors are helping in anyway they can to support persecuted Christians
they also provide up to date prayer needs of our suffering brothers and sisters in many countries. -$600

e. Australian Churches of Christ Global Missions Partners -$600 
For help with support of missionaries working in several countries